~Plot Synopsis~
Armand Duval (Rudolph Valentino), a young and unsophisticated law student, falls passionately in
love with Marguerite Gautier (Alla Nazimova), known as Camille, a notorious Parisian courtesan.
Armand forsakes his family and career, Marguerite abandons her friends for him, and they pass the
days happily in a country retreat. They soon find themselves without money; consequently, Armand
arranges for Marguerite to receive his small legacy, and, unknown to him, Marguerite plans to sell her
possessions. Armand's father (William Orlamond) learns of the situation and determines to save the
family name from disgrace. He persuades Marguerite to give up Armand, and she reverts to her
former life of debauchery. Visiting a gambling house one evening she encounters Armand; believing
himself abandoned for the Count de Varville's (Arthur Hoyt) wealth, he denounces her before the
crowd. Abandoned and ill, Marguerite finally dies in her home, clasping Armand's only gift, a copy of
Manon Lescaut.  

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Directed by: Ray C. Smallwood    

Written by:
June Mathis

Based on the novel  La Dame aux camélias  by Alexandre Dumas,  fils  
(Paris, 1848) and his play of the same name (Paris, 2 Feb 1852).

Rudolph Valentino ...  Armand Duval / Manon's Lover in Daydream
Rex Cherryman ...  Gaston Rieux
Arthur Hoyt ...  Count de Varville
Zeffie Tilbury ...  Prudence
Patsy Ruth Miller ...  Nichette
Elinor Oliver ...  Nanine, Marguerite's Maid
William Orlamond ...  Monsieur Duval, Armand's Father
Consuelo Flowerton ...  Olympe
Alla Nazimova ...  Marguerite Gautier / Manon Lescaut in Daydream
Edward Connelly ...  The Duke (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Nazimova Productions

Released by: Metro Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: Rudolph J. Bergquist
Art Direction & Costume Design by: Natacha Rambova

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 70 minutes
Released: September 26, 1921