~Burlesque on Carmen~
Directed by: Charles Chapin

Based on the novella Carmen by Prosper Mérimée in La revue des deux
mondes (Paris, 15 Oct 1845) and the opera of the same name, music by
Georges Bizet, libretto by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy (Paris, 3 Mar

Charles Chaplin ... Darn Hosiery
Edna Purviance ... Carmen
Jack Henderson ... Lillas Pastia
Ben Turpin ... Remendados
Leo White ... A Civil Guard
John Rand ... Escamillo
May White ... Frasquita
Bud Jamison ... Soldier of the Guard
Lawrence A. Bowes ... Soldier
Frank J. Coleman ... Soldier
Wesley Ruggles ... A Vagabond
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: The Essanay Film Manufacturing Company
Distribution Company: V-S-L-E

Producer: Jess Robbins
Cinematography by: Harry Ensign
Film Editing by: Herman G. Weinberg
Production Design by: Albert Couder
Assistant Director: Ernest Van Pelt
Scenic Artist: E.T. Mazy
Subtitler: Herman G. Weinberg

Length: 4 Reels
Runtime: 67 Minutes
Released: April 1916
~Plot Synopsis~
The officer Darn Hosiery falls madly in love with Carmen, a seductive gypsy, who is adored by many
men, including Escamillo, a dashing matador. Carmen responds to Hosiery's eager attentions by teasing
him in front of Escamillo and the other gypsies. Meanwhile, Remendado, a diminutive smuggler, tries to
woo the rotund Frasquita, but, like Hosiery, he must contend with rivals and other obstacles. When
Carmen interrupts one of Frasquita's flirtations, Frasquita throws an angry punch, and the two gypsies
wrestle with each other on the street until Carmen overcomes her enormous rival. After a night of
dancing and drinking at the village inn, Carmen is arrested for her participation in the fight but is
rescued by Hosiery, who stabs and kills a fellow officer in Carmen's defense. As Hosiery contemplates
his deed, Carmen slips away from the inn with Escamillo. Hosiery pursues them and, when he finds
Carmen alone, stabs her and then himself. Escamillo stumbles onto the crumpled bodies of Hosiery and
Carmen and, believing them dead, leaves. Once alone, Hosiery leaps to his feet and shows a very lively
Carmen that the knife he used was phony.  

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