~Bumping Into Broadway~
~Harold Lloyd, Mark Jones & Bebe Daniels~

Harold Lloyd ...  The Boy
Bebe Daniels ...  Actress
'Snub' Pollard ...  Director of Musical Comedy
Helen Gilmore ...  Landlady aka The Bearcat
Gus Leonard ...  Desperate Spinster
Noah Young ...  The Bearcat's Bouncer
William Gillespie ...  Stage Door Johnnie
Roy Brooks ...  (uncredited)
Sammy Brooks ...  (uncredited)
Mark Jones ...  Evicted Boarder (uncredited)
Dee Lampton ...  (uncredited)
Gaylord Lloyd ...  (uncredited)
Fred C. Newmeyer ...  (uncredited)
Charles Stevenson ...  (uncredited)
~Plot Synopsis~
Harold Lloyd and Bebe Daniels are next-door neighbors in a shabby
boardinghouse. Harold scrapes together just barely enough money to pay
his rent when he runs into Bebe, who is crying in the hallway. Her rent is
overdue, so Harold gives her his cash. Harold has to use all his ingenuity
to avoid his aptly-named landlord, Bearcat Simpson, so he can make his
way to the theater to find out the status of a new play he has written. To
get to the theater, he jumps on a passing car and annoys its stuffy
passenger. Unfortunately, the man turns out to be the manager of the
theater, and Harold enters his office, he throws him out. Meanwhile, Bebe,
who is rehearsing on stage, is being unfairly fired by the musical director
(Harry \"Snub\" Pollard). Harold comes to her defense and as a result, is
tossed out of the theater completely. As he is nursing his wounds, a limo
drives up -- it's a wealthy young man who takes Bebe out for an evening on
the town. Harold literally hitches a ride by crawling into a streetcleaner's
cart and hooking it on the back of the limo. Everyone arrives at a supper
club where, through a chain of events, Harold wins a big pile of money at
roulette and makes up with Bebe. The police raid the place and Harold and
Bebe spend the last few minutes of the film successfully evading arrest.
This was Lloyd's first two-reeler as his "glasses" character, and marked his
initial jump into stardom.

Plot Synopsis from allmovie.com
Directed by: Hal Roach

Written by: H.M. Walker (titles)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Rolin Films

Distribution Company: Pathé Exchange

Produced by: Hal Roach
Cinematography by: Walter Lundin

Runtime: 25 Minutes
Released: November 2, 1919
~Harold Lloyd~