~Bulldog Drummond~
~Plot Synopsis~
Filmed in England, this first movie version of the stage melodrama Bulldog Drummond featured a
miscast Carlyle Blackwell in the title role. Captain Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond, the soldier of fortune
created by "Sapper" (H.C. McNeile), was a combination old-school-tie British gentleman and brutish
fascist. Blackwell could handle the "gentleman" part, but wasn't quite up to the tough, two-fisted
aspects of the character. Still, the story itself is a good one: Bored by inactivity, Drummond
advertises for "adventure" in the Times, and gets adventure aplenty when he becomes involved with
a plot to kidnap an industrialist. The film's tension highlight was the scene in which the villainous
Lakington (Warwick Ward) taunts a bound Drummond by fondling unconscious heroine Phyllis
Benton (Evelyn Greeley); handled rather perfunctorily in the silent version, the sequence was vastly
improved upon in the 1929 sound remake, which starred Ronald Colman as Drummond.

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Directed by: Oscar Apfel    

Written by: B.E. Doxat-Pratt - adaptation

Based on the play "Sapper" by Herman C. McNeile.

Evelyn Greeley ...  Phyllis Benton
Carlyle Blackwell ...  Capt. Hugh Drummond
Dorothy Fane ...  Irma Peterson
Warwick Ward ...  Dr. Lakington
Willem van der Veer ...  Carl Peterson
Gerald Dean ...  Algy Longworth
Harry Bogarth ...  Sparring Partner
William Browning ...  James Handley
Co Balfoort ...  Hockens
Frans Bogaert ...  Peter
Hans Bruning ...  Handley
Johan de Boer   
Nico De Jong   
Lau Ezerman   
Jan Grader   
Dio Huysmans ...  Did Not play Algy
Jan Lemaire Sr.   
Leo Steere   
Jan van Dommelen ...  Een als bediende vermomd lid van een gangsterbende
Louis van Dommelen ...  Miljonair
Bobby Vernon
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Hollandia

Distributed by: Astra-National

Produced by: Maurits Binger