~Broken Hearts of Broadway~
~4088: Creighton Hale & Kate Price~

Colleen Moore ...  Mary Ellis
Johnnie Walker ...  George Colton
Alice Lake ...  Bubbles Revere
Tully Marshall ...  Barney Ryan
Kate Price ...  Lydia Ryan
Creighton Hale ...  An Outcast
Tony Merlo ...  Tony Guido
Arthur Stuart Hull ...  Barry Peale
Freeman Wood ...  Frank Huntleigh
~Plot Synopsis~
Stage-struck country girl Mary Ellis (Colleen Moore) arrives in New York and gets a job with a chorus
line. She is soon out of work for repulsing the attentions of the showowner. George (Johnnie Walker),
a songwriter, befriends her and gets her a job in a Chinese cabaret. By a combination of circumstances,
Mary is falsely accused of the murder of the showowner's friend. Mary is freed through the devoted
efforts of George, who becomes her husband. They both become successful when George writes a hit
play, starring Mary, based on their experiences.  

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Directed by: Irving Cummings

Written by:
Louis D. Lighton - writer
Hope Loring - writer

Based on The Broken Hearts of Broadway by James Kyrle MacCurdy
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Irving Cummings Productions

Produced by: Irving Cummings
Cinematography by: James Diamond

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: July 1923