~Born Rich~
~Claire Windsor & Bert Lytell~

Claire Windsor ...  Chadyeane Fairfax
Bert Lytell ...  Jimmy Fairfax
Cullen Landis ...  Jack Le Moyne
Doris Kenyon ...  Frances Melrose
Frank Morgan ...  Eugene Magnin
J. Barney Sherry ...  Major Romayne Murphy
Maude Turner Gordon ...  Aunt Fairfax
Jackie Ott ...  Bugsy Fairfax
W.H. Burton ...  Spinks
~Plot Synopsis~
Ater Chadyeane Fairfax (Claire Windsor) leaves her palatial home and fast friends to visit an aunt in
France, her husband, Jimmy (Bert Lytell), falls for Frances Melrose (Doris Kenyon), a flapper and
goodtime girl. When Chad returns, she learns of Jimmy's indiscretions and, in order to excite his
jealousy and renew his interest in her, she pretends to be infatuated with Jack Le Moyne (Cullen
Landis), a jazz hound. This attitude serves only to drive Jimmy to drink and further indiscretions.
After several years of separation, Jimmy suddenly discovers that he has been cheated by his
financial advisor, Magnin (Frank Morgan), and that he is broke. Filled with renewed purpose rather
than remorse, Jimmy is reconciled with Chad, only to discover that he has been saved from
bankruptcy by a Major Murphy (J. Barney Sherry).  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: William Nigh

Written by:
Walter DeLeon - titles
William Nigh - writer
Harriet Underhill - titles

Based on the novel Born Rich by Hughes Cornell (Philadelphia, c1924).
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Garrick Pictures

Distribution Company: First National Pictures

Produced by: William Nigh
Cinematography by: George J. Folsey
Art Direction by: Clark Robinson

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: December 7, 1924