~Boris Karloff~

Born: November 23, 1887 in Camberwell, London, England
Died: February 2, 1969 in Midhurst, Sussex, England
~Los Angeles Times, 1969~
Boris Karloff was best known as the arch-monster Frankenstein, who thrilled and terrified millions
of youngsters through three generations.

Despite more than 130 film roles including monsters, revived Egyptian mummies, zombies and
mad scientists from the test tube days to the computer era, Karloff in his private life was a soft-
spoken, lisping, quiet man fond of reading poetry and puttering in his garden.

Karloff went to Hollywood in 1919 and began playing bit parts. In 1931 he was asked to portray a
monster from the pages of the novel "Frankenstein" by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley in which Dr.
Frankenstein creates a man out of parts of dead bodies and jolts the monster to life with electric

"He was inarticulate, helpless and tragic," Karloff later said of the monster. "I owe everything to
him. He's my best friend."

The success of "Frankenstein" prompted two more films on the theme — "Bride of Frankenstein"
and "The House of Frankenstein" — in the 1930s and "Frankenstein 1970" in the late 1950s.

When he wasn't busy with Frankenstein roles, Karloff's softly sinister manner was employed in
such thrillers as "The Body Snatcher," "Isle of the Dead," "The Ghoul," "The Man They Couldn't
Hang" and "The Invisible Ray."

— Dave Smith in the Los Angeles Times Feb. 4, 1969
~Silent Filmography~
The King of the Kongo (1929) .... Scarface Macklin
The Phantom of the North (1929) .... Jules Gregg
... aka Phantoms of the North (USA: alternative title)
Anne Against the World (1929)
Two Sisters (1929) .... Cecil
The Devil's Chaplain (1929) .... Boris
The Fatal Warning (1929) .... Mullins
Burning the Wind (1929) .... Pug Doran
The Little Wild Girl (1928) .... Maurice Kent
... aka Flaming Justice (UK)
Vultures of the Sea (1928) .... Grouchy
The Vanishing Rider (1928) .... The Villain
Sharp Shooters (1928) (uncredited) .... Cafe Proprietor
... aka Three Naval Rascals (UK)
The Love Mart (1927) .... Fleming
Two Arabian Knights (1927) .... The Purser
Soft Cushions (1927) .... The Chief Conspirator
The Phantom Buster (1927) .... Ramon
The Meddlin' Stranger (1927) .... Al Meggs
Tarzan and the Golden Lion (1927) .... Owaza
The Princess from Hoboken (1927) .... Pavel
Let It Rain (1927) .... Crook
The General (1926) (uncredited) (unconfirmed) .... Union General
Old Ironsides (1926) (uncredited) .... A Saracen Guard  
... aka Sons of the Sea (UK)
The Nickel-Hopper (1926) (uncredited) .... Dance Hall Masher
Flaming Fury (1926) .... Gaspard
The Eagle of the Sea (1926) (uncredited) .... Pirate
Flames (1926) .... Blackie Blanchette
The Golden Web (1926) .... Dave Sinclair
The Bells (1926) .... The Mesmerist
Her Honor, the Governor (1926) .... Snipe Collins
... aka The Second Mrs. Fenway
The Man in the Saddle (1926) .... Robber
The Greater Glory (1926) .... Scissors Grinder
Without Mercy (1925) (uncredited) .... Madame Gordon's 2nd Henchman
Perils of the Wild (1925)
Lady Robinhood (1925) .... Cabraza
Parisian Nights (1925) .... Pierre
The Prairie Wife (1925) .... Diego
Forbidden Cargo (1925) .... Pietro Castillano
... aka Dangerous Cargo
Dynamite Dan (1924) .... Tony Garcia
Riders of the Plains (1924)
The Hellion (1924) .... The Outlaw
The Prisoner (1923) .... Prince Kapolski
The Woman Conquers (1922) .... Raoul Maris
Omar the Tentmaker (1922) .... Imam Mowaffak
The Altar Stairs (1922) .... Hugo
The Man from Downing Street (1922) .... Maharajah Jehan
... aka The Jade Elephants
The Infidel (1922) .... The Nabob
Nan of the North (1922) (uncredited) .... Undetermined Role
The Cave Girl (1921) .... Baptiste
Cheated Hearts (1921) .... Nei Hamid
Without Benefit of Clergy (1921) .... Ahmed Khan
The Hope Diamond Mystery (1921) .... Priest of Kama-Sita/Dakar
... aka The Romance of the Hope Diamond
The Last of the Mohicans (1920) (uncredited) .... Indian
The Courage of Marge O'Doone (1920) .... Tavish
The Deadlier Sex (1920) .... Jules Borney

The Prince and Betty (1919) .... Undetermined Role
His Majesty, the American (1919) (uncredited) .... The Spy
The Masked Rider (1919) .... Mexican in saloon, Ch. 2
The Lightning Raider (1919)