~Blue Blazes Rawden~
~Plot Synopsis~
Along with Hell's Hinges and Tumbleweeds, Blue Blazes Rawden is currently among the most readily
available of William S. Hart's westerns. Tough lumberjack Blue Blazes Rawden (William S. Hart)
takes up residence at the hotel of the equally tough Englishman, Ladyfingers Hilgard (Robert
McKim). Because Blue Blazes beats him at cards and steals the heart of his woman, Babette Du
Fresne (Maude George), Hilgard challenges Blue Blazes to a gunfight and is killed. Hilgard's mother
(Gertrude Claire) and brother Eric (Robert Gordon) soon visit the hotel, and Blue Blazes, touched by
Mrs. Hilgard's gentle nature, tells her Hilgard died honorably. Babette, angry at Blue Blazes'
inattention, tells Eric the truth, and Eric, enraged, shoots and seriously wounds Blue Blazes. After
saving Eric from a lynch mob, Blue Blazes makes him promise never to tell Mrs. Hilgard what he
knows and leaves town a reformed man.

Plot Synopsis is a combination of plot synopses from allmovie.com and afi.com
Directed by: William S. Hart

Written by:
J.G. Hawks   screenplay & story

William S. Hart ...  Blue Blazes Rawden
Maude George ...  Babette DuFresne
Robert McKim ...  'Ladyfingers' Hilgard
Gertrude Claire ...  Mother Hilgard
Robert Gordon ...  Eric Hilgard
Jack Hoxie ...  Joe La Barge
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies:
Artcraft Pictures Corporation
William S. Hart Productions

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures

Produced by: Thomas H. Ince
Cinematography by: Joseph H. August  
Art Direction by: G. Harold Percival

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 65 Minutes
Released: February 1, 1918