~Blood And Sand~
~455-2/130: Rudolph Valentino~
~455-120: Rudolph Valentino & Nita Naldi~
~Plot Synopsis~
A young matador, Juan Gallardo (Rudolph Valentino), marries Carmen (Lila Lee), his childhood
sweetheart, while achieving fame throughout Spain. He is happy but succumbs, nevertheless, to the
passionate charms of Doña Sol (Nita Naldi). Carmen accepts the situation but comes to nurse Juan
when he is gored. Though his skill has diminished, he refuses her pleas that he quit the bullring;
and he meets disaster when, distracted by the sight of a handsome young stranger with Doña Sol at
a bullfight, he fails to defend himself from the first charge of the bull. Juan dies in Carmen's arms, in
the sound of cheers for a new hero, after assuring her that she has always had his love. (In another
version Juan recovers and gives up both bullfighting and Doña Sol for good.)  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by:
Fred Niblo    
Dorothy Arzner - additional footage

Written by:
Tom Cushing - play
June Mathis - writer

Based on the novel Sangre y arena by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, (Madrid,
1908) and the play Blood and Sand by Tom Cushing (New York, 20 Sep

Rosa Rosanova ...  Angustias
Leo White ...  Antonio
Rosita Marstini ...  Encarnacion
Rudolph Valentino ...  Juan Gallardo
Lila Lee ...  Carmen
Charles Belcher ...  Don Joselito
Fred Becker ...  Don José
George Field ...  El Nacional
Jack Winn ...  Potaje
Harry Lamont ...  Puntillero
Gilbert Clayton ...  Garabato
Walter Long ...  Plumitas
Nita Naldi ...  Doña Sol
George Periolat ...  Marquis of Guevera
Sidney De Gray ...  Dr. Ruiz
Dorcas Matthews ...  Señora Nacional
W.E. Lawrence ...  Fuentes
Louise Emmons ...  Old woman (uncredited)
~455-140: Rudolph Valentino~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures

Executive Producer: Jesse L. Lasky
Producer: Fred Niblo
Cinematography by: Alvin Wyckoff
Film Editing by: Dorothy Arzner
Makeup Artist: Monte Westmore
Assistant Director: Frank Fouce

Length: 9 Reels
Runtime: 108 Minutes
Released: August 5, 1922
~Debbie Reynolds Auction - June 2011~
Sold at auction  from the collection of costumes and memorabilia
was Rudolph Valentino's costume from
Blood and Sand.

Final Sale Price: $258,300.00

Photography by Kay Shackleton