~Blind Wives~
~Promotional photograph from The California
Theater to promote the screening of the film
Blind Wives for the week of January 9th,

Marc McDermott ...  Husband
Estelle Taylor ...  Anne / Annie / Annette
Harry Sothern ...  Johnny
Annette Bracy ...  The Maid
Sally Crute ...  Business Woman
Robert Schable ...  Charles
~Plot Synopsis~
Perhaps the title of this film was meant to cash in on the successful Erich Von Stroheim picture
Blind Husbands, which had been released about a year earlier. The Edward Knoblock play on which
it was based was called My Lady's Dress. The story is told in a series of five episodes, with the leads
played in each one by Estelle Taylor and Marc MacDermott. The first episode shows Anne and her
husband John having a fight over her passion for clothes, after which she falls asleep. Her first
dream -- and the second episode -- concerns the flower on her dress, which was made by a crippled
girl who sells her hair then goes away so that her sister (Sally Crute) can have a proper wedding. The
next dream involves the sable decorating the dress. It was caught by a Russian trapper who comes
home to find his wife has been unfaithful. The cloth, according to Anne's next dream, was made by a
weaver whose husband is dying. Lastly, Anne has a nightmarish vision in which the mannequin who
modeled her outfit murders her lustful boss, the modiste. When she finally wakes up, Anne makes
up with John.

Plot Synopsis from allmovie.com
Directed & Written by: Charles Brabin

Based on the play My Lady's Dress by Edward Knoblock (New York, 10
Oct 1914).
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Fox Film Corporation

Produced by: William Fox  
Cinematography by: George W. Lane    
Art Direction by: John D. Braddon

Runtime: 90 Minutes
Released: December 19, 1920