~Black Roses~
~Promotional Photograph from The California Theater promoting the
screening of "Black Roses," for the week of June 19th, 1921~
~Plot Synopsis~
Yoda Sessue (Hayakawa), a Japanese architect, takes a job as gardener of the estate of
retired criminal Benson Burleigh (Andrew Robson). Members of Burleigh's former
gang--"Monocle" Harry (Henry Hebert), Blanche De Vore (Myrtle Stedman), and Wong
Fu (Toyo Fujita)--murder Burleigh, frame Yoda for the crime, and kidnap Yoda's wife,
Blossom (Tsuru Aoki). In prison, a former member of the gang who was betrayed by
Blanche aids Yoda's escape and his plot of revenge. Reappearing as a Japanese
nobleman, Yoda pretends to be in search of a Japanese girl to impersonate the daughter
of a rich merchant and is led to his wife's hiding place. There he entraps the gang,
proves that Blanche and Harry were the murderers, and is himself absolved of the

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Colin Campbell

Written by: Richard Schayer - writer

Sessue Hayakawa ...  Yoda
Myrtle Stedman ...  Blanche De Vore
Tsuru Aoki ...  Blossom
Andrew Robson ...  Benson Burleigh
Toyo Fujita ...  Wong Fu
Henry Hebert ...  'Monocle' Harry
Harold Holland ...  Detective Cleary
Carrie Clark Ward ...  Bridget
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Hayakawa Feature Play Company

Distribution Company: Robertson-Cole Distributing Corporation

Produced by: Sessue Hayakawa
Cinematography by: Frank D. Williams
Art Direction by: Robert Ellis

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: May 22, 1921