~Black Oxfords~
~Plot Synopsis~
While this comedy was pretty standard fare for producer Mack Sennett in the 1920s, it is notable for
being the first film in which Marceline Day had a major role -- she had started out working for Sennett
the year before as a Bathing Beauty, and would become most famous as Buster Keaton's leading lady in
1928's The Cameraman. Mom and sis (Day) are faced with that standard melodramatic situation that
Sennett loved to parody -- the mortgage is due and they are penniless. Villainous landlord Jack
Richardson is about to foreclose. Mother asserts that her boy Jack would know what to do -- if only he
were there. Unfortunately, Jack (Sid Smith) is behind bars. But his pal (Vernon Dent) is about to break out
with the help of an aeroplane. It picks up Jack from the yard instead, leaving Dent to dig his way out. Now
that Jack is free, he actually does know what to do -- he enters his horse in a steeplechase in hopes of
winning the purse. Of course, Richardson is just as determined to see him lose, and enlists the help of
bear-like jockey Kalla Pasha. But Jack and his steed manage to slapstick their way to the finish line. The
mortgage is paid and Jack's sweetheart gleefully tells him, "Now you can foreclose the mortgage on my
heart!" Minor comic Sid Smith died in 1928 from bad Prohibition-era alcohol.

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Directed by: Del Lord

Written by: John A. Waldron - titles

Sidney Smith ...  The Jockey
Vernon Dent   
Marceline Day ...  The Girl
Anna Dodge
Jack Richardson   
Kalla Pasha  
Andy Clyde
Natalie Kingston
Marvin Loback
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Mack Sennett Comedies

Released by: Pathé Exchange

Produced by: Mack Sennett
Cinematography by: George Spear & George Unholz
Film Editing by: William Hornbeck
Special Cinematography by: Ernie Crockett

Released: May 18, 1924