~Billie Dove~

Born: May 14, 1903 in New York, NY, USA
Died: December 31, 1997 in Woodland Hills, CA, USA
~Silent Filmography~
As one of America's most beautiful daughters, Billie adorned the covers of many widely circulated
journals. Florenz Ziegfeld discovered her through this means and gave her a part in his Follies. Later the
screen beckoned and she followed the call, becoming one of the most popular stars of the day. Born in
New York City, May 14, 1903, and christined Lillian Bohny, she is 5 feet 5, weighs 114 and has dark
brown hair and brown eyes. Married Director Irvin Wilat in 1923 and separated from him 1929.
Billie Dove, the onetime artist's model and Ziegfeld Girl, was publicized as "the American Beauty" in the
halcyon days of silent films.

At the height of the Roaring '20s, Louis B. Mayer acclaimed her the "most beautiful woman in
Hollywood," while Howard Hughes supposedly spent a fortune trying to win her as his bride. He
ultimately bought her contract from First National Pictures in an attempt to secure their marriage.

"Our love affair lasted for 3 1/2 years," she told The Times in 1990, and "we both carried torches for a
long, long time."

She began her career as a teenager, modeling for a skin emulsifier when Broadway producer Florenz
Ziegfeld saw her picture. He not only hired her but made her the highest-paid chorine in his Follies.

In 1926, she was chosen to appear opposite Douglas Fairbanks Sr. in an early color spectacular, "The
Black Pirate." Her exquisite features were enhanced by the camera and she went on to appear in many
other silent and sound films before retiring in 1932.

Among them were "Beyond the Rainbow," "Polly of the Follies," "Wanderer of the Wasteland" and "One
Night at Susie's." In 1962 she returned to pictures for a brief appearance in "Diamond Head."

— Burt A. Folkart in the Los Angeles Times Jan. 3, 1998
~Los Angeles Times, 1998~
Yellow Lily (1928) .... Judith Peredy
The Heart of a Follies Girl (1928) .... Teddy O'Day
The Love Mart (1927) .... Antoinette Frobelle
The American Beauty (1927) .... Millicent Howard
... aka The Beautiful Fraud (UK)
The Stolen Bride (1927) .... Sari, Countess Thurzo
The Tender Hour (1927) .... Marcia Kane
Sensation Seekers (1927) .... 'Egypt' Hagen
An Affair of the Follies (1927) .... Tamara ... Movie Still Code: 71-X
Kid Boots (1926) .... Eleanore Belmore
The Marriage Clause (1926) .... Sylvia Jordan
The Lone Wolf Returns (1926) .... Marcia Mayfair
... aka The Return of the Lone Wolf
The Black Pirate (1926) .... Princess Isobel
... aka The Black Buccaneer
Screen Snapshots (Short documentary) (1926) ... Herself
The Ancient Highway (1925) .... Antoinette St. Ives
The Fighting Heart (1925) .... Doris Anderson
... aka Once to Every Man (UK)
The Lucky Horseshoe (1925) .... Eleanor Hunt
Wild Horse Mesa (1925) .... Sue Melberne
The Light of Western Stars (1925) .... Madeline Hammond
The Air Mail (1925) .... Alice Rendon
Folly of Vanity (1924) .... Alice (modern sequence)
The Roughneck (1924) .... Felicity Arden
... aka Thorns of Passion (UK)
Wanderer of the Wasteland (1924) .... Ruth Virey
Yankee Madness (1924) .... Dolores
Try and Get It (1924) .... Rhoda Perrin
On Time (1924) .... Helen Hendon
The Thrill Chaser (1923) .... Olala Ussan
The Lone Star Ranger (1923) .... Helen Longstreth
Soft Boiled (1923) .... The Girl
Madness of Youth (1923) .... Nanette Banning
All the Brothers Were Valiant (1923) .... Priscilla Holt
One Week of Love (1922) (uncredited) .... Bathing Party Guest
Youth to Youth (1922) .... Eve Allinson
Beyond the Rainbow (1922) (as Lillian 'Billie' Dove) .... Marion Taylor
Polly of the Follies (1922) .... Alysia Potter
At the Stage Door (1921) .... Mary Mathews
Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford (1921) .... Dorothy Wells