~Bigger Than Barnum's~
~B.T.B. 10: George O'Hara, Viola Dana & Ralph Lewis~
~B.T.B. 27: Ralph Ince, Georg O'Hara, Viola Dana & Ralph
~Plot Synopsis~
To enliven business, a circus manager orders a tightrope troupe, consisting of Peter Blandin (Ralph Lewis),
his son Robert (George O'Hara), and Juanita Calles (Viola Dana), to work without safety nets. When Peter
becomes too ill to perform, his son refuses to take his place, not wishing to endanger the life of Juanita, with
whom he is in love. The father performs in spite of his illness and is seriously injured by a fall; Robert,
branded a coward, leaves and becomes a vagrant, while Carl Ravelle (Ralph Ince), an arrogant wire walker,
takes Blandin's place and forces his attentions on Juanita. When Blandin's hotel catches on fire, Robert,
breaking through the firelines, walks across a telegraph wire and rescues his father from the burning
building, thus proving his courage and winning the respect and love of Juanita.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Ralph Ince

Written by:
J. Grubb Alexander - writer
Arthur Guy Empey - story

Ralph Lewis ...  Peter Blandin
George O'Hara ...  Robert Blandim
Viola Dana ...  Juanita Calles
Ralph Ince ...  Carl Ravelle
Lucille Mendez ...  Princess Bonita
Daniel Makarenko ...  Jack Ranglin
George Holt ...  Bill Hartnett
William Knight ...  Ringmaster
Rhody Hathaway ...  Doctor
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Robertson-Cole Pictures Corporation

Released by: Film Booking Offices of America (FBO)

J.O. Taylor ... Cinematographer
Doran Cox ... Assistant Director
Presenter ... Joseph P. Kennedy

Length ... 6 Reels
Released: August 15, 1926