~Betty Blythe~

Born: September 1, 1893 in Los Angeles, California, USA
Died: April 7, 1972 in Woodland Hills, California, USA
Born Elizabeth Blythe Slaughter, Betty Blythe was a student of art at USC before becoming an actress.
Ms. Blythe’s career first started as a singer. She showed much promise as a teenager and her parents
sent her to Paris, France for Opera training. When returning to the United States she found a place in
Musical Theater with a touring company, “Experience Co.” Her early theatrical work included So Long
Letty and The Peacock Princess.

In 1918, Betty began her film career at Vitograph Studios in Brooklyn, New York. During her
employment at Vitograph she became a co-star in programmers staring Harry Money. Soon she was
sent to Hollywood’s Fox Studios in hopes to replace Theda Bera. Fox starred Blythe in the exotic film
“The Queen of Sheba,” in 1921. She was famous for her revealing costumes as for her dramatic skills.
After the huge success of “The Queen of Sheba,” Blythe abandoned her concert and musical aspirations.
She then worked with Whitman Bennett, starring in “How Women Love,” “Daring of the Rich,” “The
Garden of Desire,” “Fair Lady,” and “His Wife’s Husband.” Ms. Blythe’s earlier vocal training allowed her
an easy transition into Sound films, but her advancing age had her allocated to supporting roles.

Betty spent most of the 1940’s with touring companies of various plays. She made extra income by
giving acting lessons and dictation lessons. Her last film appearance was a one-line bit in the Embassy
Ball sequence in “My Fair Lady,” (1964), in which she was photographed by her favorite cameraman
from the silent era, Harry Standling.

Written by: Kay Shackleton
~Silent Filmography~
Stolen Love (1928) .... Modiste
Sisters of Eve (1928) .... Mrs. Wenham Gardner
Into No Man's Land (1928) .... Th Countess
... aka The Secret Lie (UK)
Glorious Betsy (1928) .... Princess Fredericka
Domestic Troubles (1928) .... Carrie
The Girl from Gay Paree (1927) .... Mademoiselle Fanchon
Eager Lips (1927) .... Paula
A Million Bid (1927) .... Mrs. Gordon
Snowbound (1927) .... Julia Barry
Speed (1925) .... Mary Whipple
Percy (1925) .... Lolita
... aka Mother's Boy (UK)
She (1925) .... Ayesha
... aka Mirakel der Liebe
Le puits de Jacob (1925) .... Agar
... aka A Daughter of Israel (International: English title)
Folly of Vanity (1924) .... Mrs. Ridgeway (modern sequence)
In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter (1924) .... Rita Sismondi
... aka So This Is Hollywood (UK)
The Breath of Scandal (1924) .... Sybil Russell
The Spitfire (1924) .... Jean Bronson
The Recoil (1924) .... Norma Selbee
... aka Recoil
Southern Love (1924) .... Dolores
... aka A Woman's Secret (USA)
Chu-Chin-Chow (1923) .... Zahrat
Sinner or Saint (1923) .... Mademoiselle Iris
The Truth About Wives (1923) .... Helen Frazer
The Darling of the Rich (1922) .... Charmion Winship
How Women Love (1922) .... Rosa Roma
His Wife's Husband (1922/I) .... Olympia Brewster
Fair Lady (1922) .... Countess Margherita
Disraeli (1921)
Charge It (1921) .... Mille Garreth
Mother o' Mine (1921) .... Fan Baxter
The Queen of Sheba (1921) .... Queen of Sheba
Just Outside the Door (1921) .... Floria Wheaton
The Truant Husband (1921) .... Vera Delauney
Nomads of the North (1920) .... Nanette Roland
Occasionally Yours (1920) .... Bunny Winston
... aka The Mischief Man (USA: copyright title)
The Silver Horde (1920) .... Mildred Wayland
Burnt Wings (1920) .... Helen
The Third Generation (1920) .... Helen Van Dusen

The Undercurrent (1919) .... Mariska
... aka Hell on Earth (USA)
The Man Who Won (1919) .... Barbara Le Moyne
Dust of Desire (1919) .... Corrinne Torrence
Beauty-Proof (1919) .... Carol Thorpe
Beating the Odds (1919) .... Hebe Norse
Fighting Destiny (1919) .... Caryl Rundlege
Silent Strength (1919) .... Ruth Madison
... aka Dan La Roche (USA)
Hoarded Assets (1918) .... Claire Dawson
Miss Ambition (1918) .... Edith Webster
The Grouch (1918/II) .... The Hatcheck Girl
The King of Diamonds (1918) .... Lucille Bennett
The Green God (1918) .... Muriel Temple
All Man (1918) .... Belle Foliot
Tangled Lives (1918) .... Hilda Howland
The Brief Debut of Tildy (1918) .... Aileen
A Game with Fate (1918) .... Elaine Huntington
The Little Runaway (1918) .... Eileen Murtagh
The Business of Life (1918) .... Elena Clydesdale
Over the Top (1918) .... Madame Arnot
Compliments of the Season (1918) .... The Lady
A Mother's Sin (1918) .... Lady Fitzpatrick
His Own People (1917) .... Lady Mary Thorne
Slander (1916)
... aka Scandal
~Los Angeles Times, 1972~
Betty Blythe was the statuesque star of such silent film classics as "The Queen of Sheba" and "She."

The former $1 million-a-year actress created a sensation in 1921 in a scene as Sheba wearing ropes of
pearls and nothing else.

The tall (5 feet, 8 1/2 inches) veteran of 63 silent movies and 56 talkies got her start in motion pictures
when she visited the old Vitagraph Studios in New York and was asked if she could play a lead.

Her reply, "I can play that part better than any actress in the world," launched her long and colorful

Film successes in this country and Europe kept her fame and earning high through the '20s and at one
time she bought and sold a section of what is now the Sunset Strip and reportedly made $3.5 million in
the transaction.

The 1929 stock market crash, however, wiped her out financially. She reportedly lost $15 million in one

She appeared in such later films as "Disraeli," "The Dead End Kids," "The Women," "The Helen Morgan
Story" and "Women Behind Bars." Her final acting assignment was in the 1964 production of "My Fair

— Dorothy Townsend in the Los Angeles Times April 9, 1972