~Benjamin Stoloff~

Born: October 6, 1895 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: September 8, 1960 in Hollywood, California, USA
~Candid photograph of Director Benjamin Stoloff with
Martha Lee Sparks~
U.C.L.A. graduate Ben Stoloff launched his film directorial career in the early '20s, graduating from
two-reel comedies to features by the middle of the decade. Stoloff was especially busy at Fox during the
early-talkie period, helming such carefree musical comedies as Soup to Nuts (1930) and Movietone
Follies of 1930. At Universal, he directed the Tom Mix version of Destry Rides Again (1932), then moved
on to such Edward Small productions as Palooka and Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round (1934). From 1935
to 1939, he was a producer/director of programmers at RKO Radio, and in the 1940s was active in the
B-units at 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. Ben Stoloff's final film was It's a Joke, Son! (1947), a
quickie vehicle for radio comedian Kenny "Senator Claghorn" Delmar.

Biography by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
~Silent Filmography~
Plastered in Paris (1928)
A Horseman of the Plains (1928)
Silver Valley (1927) (as Ben Stoloff)
The Gay Retreat (1927)
The Circus Ace (1927)
The Canyon of Light (1926)
It's a Pipe (1926) (as Ben Stoloff)
A1 Society (1926)
Matrimony Blues (1926) (as Ben Stoloff)
The Mad Racer (1926)
Pawnshop Politics (1926) (as Ben Stoloff)
The Fighting Tailor (1926) (as Ben Stoloff)
East Side, West Side (1925/II) (as Ben Stoloff)
The Heart Breaker (1925) (as Ben Stoloff)
Sweet Marie (1925) (as Ben Stoloff)
On the Go (1925/II)
A High Jinx (1925)
Papa's Darling (1925)
Say It with Flour (1925)
Help Yourself! (1925)
The House of Flickers (1925)
Lion Love (1925)
Roaring Lions at Home (1924)
Stolen Sweeties (1924) (as Ben Stoloff)
In-Bad the Sailor (1924) (as Ben Stoloff)
Stretching the Truth (1924) (as Ben Stoloff)
When Wise Ducks Meet (1924) (as Ben Stoloff)
On the Job (1924) (as Ben Stoloff)
Play Ball with Babe Ruth (1920)