~Beauty And The Bad Man~
~Plot Synopsis~
Cassie (Mabel Ballin), an orphan who sings angelically in a smalltown church, marries the organist, L. I.
B. Bell (George Beranger), when he promises to obtain singing lessons for her. They go to San
Francisco, where Cassie leaves Bell within the hour when she discovers his low nature. Answering an
advertisement in the paper, Cassie gets a job singing in a mining town dancehall. There she charms
everyone with her voice, including Madoc Bill (Forrest Stanley), who, having just won a large sum of
money at faro, writes her a check for $10,000 and sends her abroad to study voice. Cassie soon
becomes a successful diva, singing in the Grand Opera at Moscow, while Madoc Bill serves 4 years in jail
for murder. During Madoc's incarceration, his partner, Chuckwalla Bill (Russell Simpson), strikes it rich.
When Madoc is released from jail, he and Chuckwalla build a house for Cassie, who has just returned to
the United States after a triumphant continental tour. Her husband, Bell, suffering from consumption,
comes to the mining town, and Cassie nurses him back to health. When Bell learns of Cassie's devotion
to Madoc Bill, he attempts to kill him and is himself killed. Cassie marries Madoc, and they settle down
in the house he built for her.

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Directed by: William Worthington

Written by: Frank E. Woods

Based on the short story "Cornflower Cassie's Concert" by Peter Bernard
Kyne in Cosmopolitan (Feb 1924).

Mabel Ballin ... Cassie
Forrest Stanley ... Madoc Bill
Russell Simpson ... Chuckwalla Bill
George Beranger ... L.I.B. Bell
Edna Mae Cooper ... Mayme
James Gordon ... Gold Hill Cassidy
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Peninsula Studios

Distribution Company: Producers Distributing Corporation (PDC)

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: March 29, 1925