~Beau Sabreur~
~Plot Synopsis~
Legionnaires Henri de Beaujolais (Gary Cooper), Raoul de Redon (Arnold Kent), and Dufour (Raoul
Paoli) overstay their leave in Algiers and are thrown into jail. There Henri earns the title "Beau
Sabreur," given him by his uncle, General Beaujolais (Frank Reicher), when he wins a duel with a
traitor, Becque (William Powell). The general, who has plans for the Sahara, entreats Henri to forsake
women for France, sending him first to the desert to learn the customs of the people, then to Zaguig,
where he meets American journalist Mary Vanbrugh (Evelyn Brent), whom he snubs, remembering his
vow. Becque, hearing that Henri has orders to visit Sheikh El Hammel (Noah Beery) at a distant oasis to
discuss a treaty, and hoping to prevent his departure, attacks Zaguig, but Henri escapes with Mary, her
maid, and his aides. Out of distrust for Becque, the sheikh agrees to a treaty with the French, and they
resist an attack led by the vengeful Becque. Henri kills Becque in a duel and, having accomplished his
task for France, confesses he loves Mary.  

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A complete copy of the film does not exist, only a trailer exists with footage from the film.
Directed by: John Waters    

Written by:
Thomas J. Geraghty - story
Julian Johnson - titles

Based on the novel  Beau Sabreur  by Percival Christopher Wren (New York,

Gary Cooper ...  Maj. Henri de Beaujolais
Evelyn Brent ...  Mary Vanbrugh
Noah Beery ...  Sheikh El Hammel
William Powell ...  Becque
Roscoe Karns ...  Buddy
Mitchell Lewis ...  Suleman the Strong
Arnold Kent ...  Raoul de Redon
Raoul Paoli ...  Dufour
Joan Standing ...  Maudie
Frank Reicher ...  Gen. de Beaujolais
Oscar Smith ...  Djikki
H.J. Utterhore   
Alberto Morin ...  Bit Part (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures

Produced by: B.P. Schulberg  
Cinematography by: Charles Edgar Schoenbaum    
Film Editing by: Rose Loewinger    
Unit Managers: Arthur Koch & Sydney Streeter
Assistant Directors: Charles Barton & Richard Johnston  
Props: Johnny Richmond & Al Tuck   
Assistant Cameras: Lloyd Ahern, Ralph Burdick & Martin Cornica
Additional Camera Operator: Harry Hallenberger
Aikley Camera Operator: James Knott
Assistant Camera: Paul Lockwood
Supervising Editor: E. Lloyd Sheldon
Auditor: Pam Dunham
Presenters: Jesse L. Lasky & Adolphe Zukor
Unit Clerk: Alma Macrorie

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: January 22, 1928
~Gary Cooper & Evelyn Brent~
~Evelyn Brent & Noah Beery~
~Gary Cooper~
A complete
copy of the film
does not exist,
only a trailer
exists with
footage from
the film.