The Streets of New York (1922) .... Lucy Bloodgood
What's Wrong with the Women? (1922) .... Janet Lee
False Fronts (1922) .... Helen Baxter
The Child Thou Gavest Me (1921) .... Norma Huntley
The Branding Iron (1920) .... Joan Carver
Out of the Storm (1920) .... Margaret Hill
Dangerous Days (1920) .... Audrey Valentine
Dangerous Hours (1919) .... May Weston
The Man Who Turned White (1919)
The Rough Neck (1919) .... Frances
... aka The Roughneck (USA: copyright title)
The Silver King (1919)
What Love Forgives (1919)
Peg o' My Heart (1919) .... Ethel Chicester
Just Sylvia (1918) .... Sylvia
Heredity (1918) .... Nedda Trevor, as an adult
... aka The Blood of the Trevors (USA)
The Heart of a Girl (1918) .... Betty Lansing
Vengeance (1918) .... Lady Elsie Drillingcourt
Empty Pockets (1918) .... Muriel Schuyler
Sins of Ambition (1917) .... Ruth Maxwell
Parentage (1917) .... Agnes Melton
On Trial (1917) .... Mrs. Robert Strickland
God's Man (1917) .... Bertie
Her Good Name (1917) .... Agnes Gurnee
For the Freedom of the World (1917) .... Betty Milburn
A Daughter of the Gods (1916)
The Ordeal (1914/I)
... aka The Mothers of Liberty (USA: reissue title)
~Barbara Castleton~

Born: September 14, 1894 in Little Rock, AK, USA
Died: December 23, 1978 in Boca Raton, FL, USA
~Silent Filmography~
In perhaps one of the most harrowing scenes in early American films, Barbara Castleton was brutally
branded by her villainous husband in the 1920 Western "The Branding Iron." It may have been the
highlight of a career mainly spent in programmers. Castleton is hardly remembered by even the most
ardent fan of silent films. From Arkansas, Castleton had come to films in 1916, playing a minor role in
Annette Kellerman's "A Daughter of the Gods." She earned leading roles from independent producers
such as Ivan, Frank J. Seng and Frohman prior to signing with Goldwyn in 1920. "The Branding Iron,"
however, was something of a last hurrah and she was gone from films by 1923.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein,