~A Voice in the Dark~
~125-7: Ramsey Wallace & Irene Rich~

Ramsey Wallace ...  Harlan Day
Irene Rich ...  Blanche Walton
Alec B. Francis ...  Joseph Crampton (as Alec Francis)
Alan Hale ...  Dr. Hugh Sainsbury
Ora Carew ...  Adele Walton
William Scott ...  Chester Thomas
Richard Tucker ...  Lieutenant Patrick Cloyd
Alice Hollister ...  Amelia Ellingham
Gertrude Norman ...  Mrs. Lydiard
James Neill ...  Edward Small
~Plot Synopsis~
When Blanche Warren (Irene Rich) finds out that her sister, Adele (Ora Carew), is about to marry the
notorious Hugh Sainsbury (Alan Hale), she and Adele's sweetheart, Chester Thomas (William Scott), rush
to the sanitarium where Sainsbury works. Blanche arrives first and the next morning Sainsbury is found
murdered. A deaf patient claims that she saw Blanche commit the crime, and she is arrested. A blind
patient arrives who heard the murder being committed and when he hears Blanche's voice, he says she is
not the killer. When a nurse comes in and speaks, the blind man points her out as the guilty party. The
nurse confesses that Sainsbury had betrayed her, and that is why she murdered him. Adele apologizes to
Thomas and they are reunited. Blanche is freed and she is able to be with her own sweetheart, Harland
Day (Ramsey Wallace).

Plot Synopsis from allmovie.com
Directed by: Frank Lloyd

Written by: Arthur F. Statter

Based on the play A Voice in the Dark by Ralph E. Dyar (New York, 28 Jul
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Distributed by: Goldwyn Pictures Corporation

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: June 5, 1921