~Avenging Arrow~
~Ruth Roland~

Ruth Roland ...  Anita Delgado
Edward Hearn ...  Ralph Troy
Virginia Ainsworth ...  Luiza Traganza
S.E. Jennings ...  Don Jose Delgado
William Steele ...  Don Carlos Martinez
Chief John Big Tree ...  Madoo
Frank Lackteen ...  Pablo
James Robert Chandler ...  The Hermit
Otto Lederer   
Vera Sisson ...  (unconfirmed)
~Plot Synosis~
Young action director W.S. \"Woody\" Van Dyke was thrown into the lion's den in this 15-chapter
Western serial starring the headstrong Ruth Roland. Van Dyke directed the action scenes -- working
more with stunt man Robert Rose than Roland herself -- while William Bowman took care of the
performance aspects of the serial. Thus, Van Dyke and Roland's almost instinctive dislike for one another
didn't really erupt until the following serial, White Eagle (1922), where their full-blown enmity nearly
brought filming to a screeching halt. In The Avenging Arrow, the brunette Roland played Anita Delgado,
whose female ancestors all have been killed by a mysterious arrow on or about their 21st birthday. No
shrinking violet, Ruth decides to break the spell and spends 15 furiously paced two-reel chapters
evading the mystery killer, aided in a rather minor way by foppish leading man Edward Hearn. The serial
was based on a story, The Honeymoon Quest, by Arthur Preston Haskins.

Plot Synopsis from allmovie.com
Directed by:
William Bowman
W.S. Van Dyke

Written by: Jack Cunningham

Based on the Novel by Arthur Preston Hankins
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Pathé Exchange

Produced by: Robert Brunton & Ruth Roland

Runtime: 15 Episodes
Released: March 13, 1921