~Promotional photographs from The California Theater to promote the screening of
"A Tailor-Made Man," in 1922~
~A Tailor-Made Man~

Charles Ray ...  John Paul Bart
Tom Ricketts ...  Anton Huber
Ethel Grandin ...  Tanya Huber
Victor Potel ...  Peter
Stanton Heck ...  Abraham Nathan
Edythe Chapman ...  Mrs. Nathan
Irene ...  Miss Nathan
Frederick A. Thomson ...  Mr. Stanlaw
Kate Lester ...  Mrs. Stanlaw
Jacqueline Logan ...  Corinne Stanlaw
Frank Butler ...  Theodore Jellicot
Douglas Gerrard ...  Gustavus Sonntag
Nellie Peck Saunders ...  Kitty Dupuy
Charlotte Pierce ...  Bessie Dupuy
Thomas Jefferson ...  Gerald Whitcomb
Henry A. Barrows ...  Hobart Sears
Eddie Gribbon ...  Russell
Michael Dark ...  Cecil Armstrong
Isabel Vernon ...  Mrs. Fitzmorris
Aileen Manning ...  Miss Shayn
John McCallum ...  Butler
William Parke Jr. ...  Rowlands
Frederick Vroom ...  Harvey Benson
Harold Howard ...  Arthur Arbuthnot
S.J. Bingham ...  Cain
Frederick Sullivan ...  Flynn
~Plot Synopsis~
Although Charles Ray doesn't play one of his country boy roles in his first picture for United Artists, John
Paul Bart could be considered the city cousin -- he's a poor pants presser who believes that clothes
really can make the man and sets out to prove it. He "borrows" a dress suit from the tailor shop where
he works and crashes a fancy reception. Even though he risks making a fool of himself, Bart draws the
attention of Abraham Nathan, the president of a steamship company (Stanton Heck). Nathan invites Bart
on a cruise, and he is able to show off his real talents as a mediator when labor unrest occurs. Nathan is
impressed and gives him an important job in his firm. Bart continues his romance with Tanya Huber
(Ethel Grandin), his sweetheart from the tailor's shop, but he has a rival in one of the labor leaders. The
worker exposes him as a former clothes presser and the humiliated Bart goes back to the tailor's shop.
Nathan, however, doesn't care about Bart's past and tracks him down. Bart is back where he really
belongs, and he and Tanya become engaged.

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Directed by: Joseph De Grasse

Written by:
Albert Ray - adaptation
Harry James Smith - play

Based on the play A Tailor Made Man; a Comedy in Four Acts by Harry
James Smith (New York, 1917).
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Charles Ray Productions

Distributed by: United Artists

Produced by: Charles Ray   
Cinematography by: George Meehan & George Rizard    
Film Editing by: Harry L. Decker    
Art Titles: Edward Withers  
Presenter: Arthur S. Kane

Length: 9 Reels
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Released: October 15, 1922