~A Slave Of Vanity~
~Pauline Frederick~
~Plot Synopsis~
While the lack of action and dramatics in Sir Arthur Wing Pinero's book, Iris, didn't affect its ability to
be a good read -- or even a good stage play -- it certainly hindered the screen version, even with drama
queen extraordinaire Pauline Frederick starring. Iris (Frederick) is a member of the British aristocracy
who has to choose between poor Laurence Trenwith (Nigel Barrie) and wealthy Frederick Maldanado
(Willard Louis). She chooses money and promises herself to Maldanado, but then reneges and runs off
to Italy with Trenwith. Trenwith has to go off to his uncle's ranch and while he's away Iris loses her
fortune. She is forced to accept Maldanado's financial aid and eventually gives in to his sexual
pressuring. When Trenwith discovers what has happened, he resoundingly dumps Iris. But the picture's
not over yet! Now Iris wakes up and realizes she's been dreaming. Trenwith is at her door, and this
time she chooses love over money.

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Director: Henry Otto

Written by: Henry Otto - scenario

Based on the play  Iris  by Arthur Wing Pinero (New York, 22 Sep 1902).

Pauline Frederick ...  Iris Bellamy
Arthur Hoyt ...  Croker Harrington
Nigel Barrie ...  Laurence Trenwith
Willard Louis ...  Frederick Maldonado
Maude Louis ...  Fanny Sullivan
Daisy Jefferson ...  Aurea Vyse
Ruth Handforth ...  Miss Pinsent
Howard Gaye ...  Arthur Kane
~Remaining Credits~

Produced  & Released by: Robertson-Cole Pictures Corporation

Length: 6 Reels
Released: November 28, 1920