~A Sainted Devil~
~Rudolph Valentino~
~Plot Synopsis~
There's something very calculated about this Rudolph Valentino vehicle. As he did in Four
Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the star plays an Argentine with a talent for the tango. The production
and costuming are elaborate, and the story was based on the Rex Beach novel Rope's End. But none
of this can help a weak plot line which is stretched mighty thin to last for nine reels. It is arranged
for Don Alonzo de Castro to marry Julietta (Helen D'Algy), who comes from a noble Spanish family.
Castro's jealous ex-girlfriend, Carlotta (Nita Naldi), schemes with bandit El Tigre (George
Siegmann) to destroy their happiness. On the couple's wedding night, El Tigre stages a raid and
kidnaps Julietta. Carlos goes after him, but is enraged when he sees a woman with a bridal veil
embracing the bandit. He believes it is Julietta, when it's actually Carlotta. Castro plans revenge on
El Tigre. Meanwhile, Julietta escapes to a nunnery with the help of Carmelita, a dancing girl (Louise
Lagrange). Although Carmelita loves Castro herself, she eventually reveals Julietta's hiding place
and the couple are reunited.

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Directed by: Joseph Henabery

Written by: Forrest Halsey - adaptation

Based on the short story "Rope's End" by Rex Beach in  Cosmopolitan  
(May 1913).

Rudolph Valentino ...  Don Alonzo Castro
Nita Naldi ...  Carlotta
Helena D'Algy ...  Julietta (as Helen D'Algy)
Dagmar Godowsky ...  Doña Florencia
Jean Del Val ...  Casimiro
Tony D'Algy ...  Don Luis (as Antonio D'Algy)
George Siegmann ...  El Tigre
L. Rogers Lytton ...  Don Baltasar (as Rogers Lytton)
Isabel West ...  Doña Encarnación
Louise Lagrange ...  Carmelita
Rafael Bongini ...  Congo
Frank Montgomery ...  Indian Spy
William Betts ...  Priest
Edward Elkas ...  Notary
A. De Rosa ...  Jefe Politico
Ann Brody ...  Duennnna
Evelyn Axzell ...  Guadulupe
Marie Diller ...  Irala
Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle   
Genevieve Belasco   
Mary Miles Minter
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~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Distributed by: Paramount Pictures

Executive Producer: Jesse L. Lasky  
Executive Producer: Adolph Zukor  
Cinematography by: Harry Fischbeck    
Art Direction by: Lawrence Hitt    

Length: 9 Reels
Released: November 17, 1924