~A Sailor-Made Man~
~Harold Lloyd~
~Plot Synopsis~
Although this comedy was hailed as Harold Lloyd's first feature, at four reels, it's really more of a
glorified short. It was originally meant to be a two-reeler (the previous film, Never Weaken, was
considered an anomaly at three reels), but Lloyd and his crew wound up with too many good gags and
decided to leave them all in. Unlike Lloyd's subsequent films, this picture is light on characterization and
relies more on its wild gags than on the star's winning personality. Lloyd plays an insufferable rich young
man. The father of his sweetheart (Mildred Davis) does not approve of him, and insists that he must do
something with his life if he is to be worthy of the girl. Harold's answer is to join the Navy. His dream of
being an admiral contrasts sharply with reality, where he is at the bottom of the pecking order. His ship
lands on the coast of a fictional Middle Eastern country, Khaipura-Bhandanna. The girl and her father
have also sailed there and a wicked Maharaja (Dick Sutherland) kidnaps the girl from her father's yacht.
It is up to Harold to rescue her, which he does with his famed athletic skills and a lot of humor.

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Harold Lloyd ...  The Boy
Mildred Davis ...  The Girl
Noah Young ...  The Rowdy Element
Dick Sutherland ...  Maharajah of Khairpura-Bhandanna  
Fred Guiol ...  Enlistee (uncredited)
Wallace Howe ...  Doctor (uncredited)
Gus Leonard ...  Lawyer (uncredited)
Jobyna Ralston ...  Bit Part (uncredited)
Sybil Seely ...  Harem Girl (uncredited)
Charles Stevenson ...  Recruiting Officer (uncredited)
Leo Willis ...  Recruiting Officer (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Hal Roach Studios

Distribution Company: Associated Exhibitors

Producer: Hal Roach
Cinematography: Walter Lundin
Film Editing by: Thomas J. Crizer
Assistant Director: Henry N. Kohler
Presenter: Hal Roach
Technical Director: Fred Guiol

Length: 4 Reels
Runtime: 46 minutes
Released: December 25, 1921
~Mildred Davis & Harold Lloyd~

Written by:
Hal Roach - story
Sam Taylor - story
Jean C. Havez - story
H.M. Walker - titles