~A Poor Relation~
~Plot Synopsis~
peddling books and is helped by Scallops, a girl who occasionally brings them food. He appeals to Fay, a
wealthy relative, for help in marketing his invention and arouses the interest of Fay's pretty daughter.
Sterrett, Fay's partner, steals the model but returns it when he discovers it to be worthless. Johnny
Smith, Fay's secretary, is fired when he proposes to the boss's daughter; and visiting Vale's attic, he is
comforted by his epigrams. Johnny takes them to a newspaper editor, and they are so successful that
both Smith and Vale are hired. Vale decides to give up inventing for writing, and Johnny marries Miss
Fay despite her father's opposition.  

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Directed by: Clarence G. Badger

Written by: Bernard McConville

Based on the play A Poor Relation, Comedy Drama in Three Acts by
Edward E. Kidder (7 Mar 1911).

Will Rogers ...Noah Vale
Sylvia Breamer ...Miss Fay
Wallace MacDonald ...Johnny Smith
Sidney Ainsworth ...Sterrett
George B. Williams ...Mr. Fay
Molly Malone ...Scallops
Robert DeVilbiss ...Rip
Jeanette Trebaol ...Patch
Walter Perry ...O'Halley
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Goldwyn Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: Marcel Le Picard

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: December 1921