~Ann Forrest~

Born: April 14, 1895 in Sønderho, Denmark
Died: October 25, 1985 in San Diego, CA, USA
~Silent Filmography~
Danish-born silent screen actress Ann Forrest began her film career in 1915 performing diving stunts for
the American "Flying-A" company under her real name, Ann Kroman. She became a star three years later
opposite William Farnum in the first screen version of Zane Grey's The Rainbow Trail (1918), a major
success for Fox, who would film the story twice more. It was Farnum who on the film's Grand Canyon
location grandly rechristened the Danish actress as Ann Forrest; Kroman, according to Farnum, was too
foreign for an American star. The brawny actor picked Forrest because, he explained, the name "signified
something big, yet short and snappy." The newly christened Ann Forrest was Harry Houdini's
beleaguered leading lady in the action melodrama The Grim Game (1919) and earned rave reviews for
playing a pathetic kitchen maid in The Prince Chap (1920). Blonde and "cute" rather than beautiful,
Forrest made a strong impression on director Cecil B. DeMille who signed her to a five-year personal
contract. Not exactly the type to loll about on a tiger skin like DeMille's usual coterie of leading ladies,
Forrest never actually appeared in a DeMille film but was instead shipped overseas for Love's
Boomerang (1922) in which she earned above-title star billing. Filmed in both England and France, the
melodrama was a major success but her return to Hollywood proved anticlimactic and she left films in
1926 in favor of the legitimate stage. In 1930, along with her director and leading man, Forrest was
arrested and charged with "indecent exposure" during rehearsals for the then-controversial play Frankie
and Johnny. That incident, along with a severe car accident, curtailed Ann Forrest's stage career and she
retired completely from show business in 1931.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
~Woodbury Studios Portraits of Ann Forrest~
Marriage Morals (1923) .... Mary Gardner
If Winter Comes (1923) .... Nona, Lady Tybar
The Man Who Played God (1922) .... Marjory Blaine
Love's Boomerang (1922) .... Perpetua
... aka Perpetua
The Great Impersonation (1921) .... Rosamond Dominey
A Wise Fool (1921) .... Zoe Barbille
The Faith Healer (1921) .... Rhoda Williams
Behold My Wife (1920) .... Marion Armour
A Splendid Hazard (1920) .... Laura Killigrew
The Prince Chap (1920) .... Phoebe Puckers
The Great Accident (1920) .... Hetty Morfee
Dangerous Days (1920) .... Anna Klein

The Midnight Man (1919)
The Grim Game (1919) .... Mary Cameron
Love's Prisoner (1919) (as Ann Kroman) .... Sadie, Nancy's sister
The Husband Hunter (1918) (as Anne Kroman)
The Rainbow Trail (1918) .... Fay Larkin
Marked Cards (1918) (as Anne Kroman) .... Winona Harrington
Naked Fists (1918) (as Ann Kroman)
Her Decision (1918) (as Ann Kroman) .... Inah Dunbar
An Honest Man (1918) (as Ann Kroman) .... Ruby Cushing
The Shoes That Danced (1918) (as Ann Kroman) .... Mamie Conlon
The Medicine Man (1917) (as Ann Kronan) .... Edith Strang
... aka Guardian of El Dorado (USA)
The Tar Heel Warrior (1917) (as Ann Kroman) .... Betty Malroy
The Midnight Man (1917) (as Ann Kroman) .... Irene Hardin
The Flame of Youth (1917) (as Ann Kornan) .... Lucy Andrews
The Gunman's Gospel (1917) (as Ann Kroman)
The Birth of Patriotism (1917) (as Ann Kromarm) .... Mary
All Balled Up (1915) (as Ann Kroman)
The Woman He Married (1915) (as Ann Kroman)
Borrowing Hogan (1915) (as Ann Kroman)
The Truth of Fiction (1915) (as Anna Kromann) .... May Burton