~Anne of Green Gables~
~Plot Synopsis~
Mary Miles Minter was supposed to be a contender for Mary Pickford's girlish crown, but she never
came close. It's no wonder with pictures like this one -- based on L.M. Montgomery's book, it's an
innocuous effort in which Minter does very little other than look cute. Adult siblings Marilla and
Matthew Cuthbert (Marcia Harris and Frederick Burton) want to adopt a child from an orphanage, and
their home, Green Gables, comes to be graced by the presence of Anne Shirley (Minter). In spite of her
sweet looks, Anne has a penchant for landing herself in trouble, which gives the town gossip, Mrs. Pie
(Leila Romer), a lot to talk about. When Anne grows up and her adopted family loses its money, she
goes to work as a schoolteacher. While teaching, she is compelled to whip Mrs. Pie's boy, and later,
when he falls off a hay wagon and breaks his arm, Anne gets the blame for the injury. But a minister
who saw the fall clears it all up and saves Anne's hide. This picture was directed by William Desmond
Taylor, whose unsolved murder in 1922 destroyed Minter's career. Even though the actress almost
certainly had no involvement in his death, she was apparently one of the last people to see him alive.

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Directed by: William Desmond Taylor

Written by: Frances Marion

Based on the novel  Anne of Green Gables  by Lucy Maud Montgomery
(Boston, 1908).

Mary Miles Minter ...  Anne Shirley
Paul Kelly ...  Gilbert Blythe
Marcia Harris ...  Marilla Cuthbert
Frederick Burton ...  Matthew Cuthbert
F.T. Chailee ...  Abednego Pie
Leila Romer ...  Mrs. Pie
Lincoln Stedman ...  Jumbo Pie
Hazel Sexton ...  Josie Pie
Russell Hewitt ...  Anthony Pie
Albert Hackett ...  Robert
Laurie Lovelle ...  Diana Barry
Carolyn Lee ...  Mrs. Barry
Jack B. Hollis ...  Reverend Figtree
George Stewart ...  Gilbert Blythe
Beatrice Allen ...  Bit Part (uncredited)
Harry Bartlett ...  Bit Part (uncredited)
Mary Hall ...  Bit Part (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Realart Pictures Corporation

Distribution Company: Realart Pictures

Cinematography by: Hal Young    
Art Direction by: Charles O. Seessel

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: November 23, 1919