~Anna Luther~

Born: July 7, 1897 in Newark, New Jersey, USA
Died: December 16, 1960 in Hollywood, Califorinia, USA
A typically plump early silent screen heroine, blonde Anna Luther came to the screen in 1913 and starred
for such early producers as Reliance, Selig, Keystone, and Fox, often appearing in highly sensationalistic
fare. Later a minor league serial queen, Luther was George Larkin's leading lady in The Lurking Peril
(1919) and played imperiled twin sisters opposite Charles Hutchison in The Great Gamble (1919). Both
were produced by minor companies and Luther mainly played in poverty row quickies thereafter. She
was reunited with Hutchison in The Fatal Plunge (1924) but this was merely a five-reel re-edited version
of their 1919 serial. Luther became an extra after the changeover to sound and may be glimpsed in the
background as late as the 1953 Esther Williams extravaganza Easy to Love.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
~Silent Filmography~
The Fatal Plunge (1924) (as Ann Luther) .... Aline Moreton
Sinners in Silk (1924) (as Anne Luther) .... Mimi
Ten After Ten (1924) (as Anne Luther)
The Governor's Lady (1923) (as Ann Luther) .... Katherine Strickland
The Truth About Wives (1923) (as Ann Luther) .... Letty Lorraine
The Woman Who Believed (1922)
Soul and Body (1921) (as Ann Luther) .... Katinka Vechez
Why Women Sin (1920) (as Anne Luther) .... Dorothy Pemberton

The Lurking Peril (1919) .... Phyllis Charlton
The Great Gamble (1919) .... Aline Moreton/Nell Moreton
The Jungle Trail (1919) .... Mary Lamar
Woman, Woman! (1919) .... Madame Cecile Langdorf
Her Moment (1918) .... Katinka Veche
... aka "Why Blame Me?" - USA (copyright title)
The Marriage Bubble (1918)
Moral Suicide (1918) (as Anne Luther) .... Beatrice Covington
Love and Logs (1917)
Her Father's Station (1917)
Melting Millions (1917) .... Jane
The Island of Desire (1917) .... Miss Needham
The Beast (1916) .... Mildred Manning
The Sacrifice (1916)
Bath Tub Perils (1916)
The Village Vampire (1916)
The Manicure Girl (1916)
I'm Glad My Boy Grew Up to Be a Soldier (1915) .... Mercy Archer
Crooked to the End (1915)
Mutiny in the Jungle (1915)
When Love Is Mocked (1915)
The Scarlet Lady (1915)
The Isle of Content (1915)
The Pursuing Shadow (1915) .... Julie Dexter
The Wolf (1914) (as Ann Luther)
The Changeling (1914)
The Fly Leaf of Fate (1913)
Hearts of the Dark (1913)