~An Affair Of The Follies~
~71-157: Lloyd Hughes & Billie Dove~
~Plot Synopsis~
This routine drama was spiced up by a good cast and solid directing. A clerk (Lloyd Hughes) loses his
job, so his wife, Tamara (Billie Dove), goes back to work as a Follies girl. This causes a rift between the
couple and they separate. The clerk goes out to dinner with a friend, an inventor (Arthur Hoyt) who has
been trying unsuccessfully to see a certain millionaire (Lewis Stone) to get financial backing. Little do
they know, the millionaire is dining at the next table, and is infatuated with Tamara. The three men
strike up a casual conversation, and when the clerk relates the tale of his separation, the millionaire
insists that he should make his wife come back. He also has some advice for the inventor: he should
force the man he seeks to listen to him. That night, Tamara goes to meet the millionaire and confesses
she is already married. The clerk shows up and the millionaire reunites them. Meanwhile, the inventor,
who can't get in to see the millionaire, comes in through a window and the millionaire is forced to listen
to his pitch.

Plot Synopsis from allmovie.com
Directed by: Millard Webb

Written by:
June Mathis - writer
Carey Wilson - writer

Based on the short story "Here Y'Are, Brother" by Dixie Willson in  Best
Love Stories of 1924--25  (Muriel Miller Humphrey, ed.; Boston, 1925).

Lewis Stone ...  Hammersley
Billie Dove ...  Tamara
Lloyd Hughes ...  Jerry
Arthur Stone ...  Sam the Waiter
Arthur Hoyt ...  The Inventor
Bertram Marburgh ...  Lew Kline
Vera Gordon
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Al Rockett Productions

Distribution Company: First National Pictures (1927)

Produced by: Al Rockett
Cinematography by: Tony Gaudio
Film Editing by: Hugh Bennett

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: February 13, 1927
~71-118: Lewis Stone, Lloyd Hughes & Billie Dove~