~A Mother's Sin~
~Plot Synopsis~
Because of his close resemblance to his mother, who years earlier had left his father for another man,
Patrick Yardley (Earle Williams) is shunned and finally disinherited. Yardley, Sr. (Earnest Maupain),
prefers his young nephew, Vincent Tessier (Denton Vane), who has ingratiated himself to the old man,
and has been bequeathed his entire estate. Learning that Patrick is penniless, the mother of his
sweetheart, Celia Graham (Miriam Miles), urges her daughter to abandon him in favor of Vincent. Having
lost everything, Patrick leaves England, but in his absence, his father discovers that Vincent,
masquerading as Patrick, has betrayed a young woman. Remorsefully, Yardley prepares a new will, but
because he dies before presenting it to his lawyer, everything is left to Vincent. Later, however, a friend
discovers the final will, and Vincent is ousted from the estate and later killed by Maxton (Charles Horton),
Patrick's valet. Finally, Celia, who loved Patrick all along, joins him.  

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Directed by: Thomas R. Mills

Written by: Edward J. Montagne - scenario

Based on the novel  The Stars in Their Courses  by Hilda Mary Sharp (New
York, 1917).

Earle Williams ... Patrick Yardley
Miriam Miles ... Celia Graham
Ernest Maupain ... Yardley Sr.
Denton Vane ... Vincent Tessier
Frederick Peters ... Reverend Francis Vivian
Louise Du Pre ... Rosa
Charles Horton ... Maxton
Eleanor Lawson ... Mrs. Ryde
Betty Blythe ... Lady Fitzpatrick
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Vitagraph Company of America

Distribution Company: Greater Vitagraph (V-L-S-E)

Cinematography by: Tom Malloy

Length: 5 Reels
Released: January 28, 1918