~A Million Bid~
~Plot Synopsis~
A Million Bid came about because Warner Bros. promised a film of that title to exhibitors in early 1927.
Unable to deliver at that time, Warners offered theaters its annual Dolores Costello "special" Old San
Francisco instead. Exhibitors were so pleased with this money-maker that they were willing to forgive
the studio for reneging on A Million Bid, though it was made clear that Warners would have to "make
good" with this title before the year was out or else face legal action. As a result, the studio slapped
together this minor melodrama about an imperiled heroine (Dolores Costello again), forced into a
marriage of convenience, whose fate hinges upon the delivery of an intercepted letter. For most of the
proceedings, the girl is separated from her true love, a brilliant surgeon (Malcolm McGregor), only to be
brought together in the closing reel despite strenuous intervention from the villain (Warner Oland). A
Million Bid may not have been worth the wait, but Warners fulfilled its contract, and everyone was

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Directed by: Michael Curtiz    

Written by: Robert Dillon

Based on the play  A Million Bid  by Lucille McVey (as George Cameron)
(New York, 5 Oct 1908).

Dolores Costello ...  Dorothy Gordon
Warner Oland ...  Geoffrey Marsh
Malcolm McGregor ...  Dr. Robert Brent
Betty Blythe ...  Mrs. Gordon
William Demarest ...  George Lamont
Douglas Gerrard ...  Lord Bobby Vane
Grace Gordon ...  Maid to the Gordons
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Warner Bros. Pictures

Cinematography by: Hal Mohr
Assistant Director: Henry Blanke

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: May 28, 1927
~Dolores Costello~