~Plot Synopsis~
This epic tale about the American Revolution broke the bank for filmmaker D.W. Griffith. Robert W.
Chambers loosely adapted his novel, The Reckoning, which focuses on the battles in New York state.
Griffith however, found it necessary to add a romance, so Chambers obligingly added one for him.
Captain Walter Butler (Lionel Barrymore), a supporter of the king, goads the Iroquois Indians into
attacking settlers who are loyal to the Revolution. Nathan Holden (Neil Hamilton) is a dispatch rider for
the Boston Committee on Public Safety, and a patriot. While on a mission in Virginia he meets Nancy
(Carol Dempster), the daughter of Justice Montague, a Tory (Erville Alderson). The Montagues are on
hand in Lexington for the ride of Paul Revere (Harry O'Neill)--one of the highlights of the film. Nancy's
brother, Charles (Charles Mack) sides with the rebels and dies during the fighting at Bunker Hill. Nancy
and her father go to visit relatives in the Mohawk Valley; Holden meanwhile is with Washington (Arthur
Dewey) at Valley Forge. He is sent North with Morgan's raiders to quell the Indian uprising and discovers
that Montague has naively betrothed Nancy to the evil Captain Butler. When Montague finds out that
Butler is responsible for the massacres it is too late. Holden overhears Butler's plan for another attack
and he goes to sound the alarm, even though he must leave Nancy in the lustful clutches of Butler. But the
Indians insist on attacking immediately, saving Nancy from Butler's grasp. Morgan's raiders come to the
rescue, killing Butler and halting the massacre. Montague finally realizes Holden's worth and approves of
a match between him and Nancy. This picture cost nearly a million dollars, got mixed reviews, and did
not make its money back. Griffith made one more picture--Isn't Life Wonderful--as an independent.

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Directed by: D.W. Griffith

Written by: Robert W. Chambers

Neil Hamilton ...  Nathan Holden
Erville Alderson ...  Justice Montague
Carol Dempster ...  Miss Nancy Montague
Charles Emmett Mack ...  Justice Charles Montague
Lee Beggs ...  Samuel Adams
John Dunton ...  John Hancock
Arthur Donaldson ...  King George III
Charles Bennett ...  William Pitt
Downing Clarke ...  Lord Chamberlain
Frank Walsh ...  Thomas Jefferson
Frank McGlynn Sr. ...  Patrick Henry
Arthur Dewey ...  George Washington
P.R. Scammon ...  Richard Henry Lee
Lionel Barrymore ...  Capt. Walter Butler
Sydney Deane ...  Sir Ashley Montague
W.W. Jones ...  Gen. Gage
Edward Roseman ...  Capt. Montour
Harry Semels ...  Hikatoo
Harry O'Neill ...  Paul Revere
Henry Van Bousen ...  John Parker (captain of the Minutemen)
Hugh Baird ...  Maj. Pitcairn
James Milady ...  Jonas Parker
Henry S. Koser ...  Capt. Prescott (as H. Koser)
Michael Donavan ...  Maj. Gen. Warren
Louis Wolheim ...  Capt. Hare
Riley Hatch ...  Joseph Brant (chief of the Mohawks)
Paul Doucet ...  Marquis de Lafayette
William S. Rising ...  Edmund Burke
Daniel Carney ...  Personal servant of Miss Montague
Edward Scanlon ...  Household servant at Ashley Court
Emil Hoch ...  Lord North
Lucille La Verne ...  Refugee mother
Edwin Holland ...  Maj. Strong
Milton Noble ...  An old patriot
Edward Dillon ...  (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: D.W. Griffith Productions

Released by: United Artists

Produced by: D.W. Griffith
Assistant Directors: Herbert Sutch & Frank Walsh
Cinematography by: G.W. Bitzer, Marcel Le Picard, Hendrik Sartov & Harold S. Sintzenich    
Film Editing: James Smith & Rose Smith
Art Direction by: Charles M. Kirk
Director of Construction: William J. Bantel
Scenic Artist: Charles E. Boss
Matte Painter: Warren Newcombe
Still Photographer: Frank J. Diem
Akeley Camera Operator: Vincent J. Farrar
Historical Arrangement: John L.E. Pell
Studio Projectionist: Benjamin Turner

Length: 15 Reels
Runtime: 141 minutes
New York Premier: February 21, 1924
Released: August 15, 1924
~Neil Hamilton & Carol Dempster~
~Lionel Barrymore~