~A Master Stroke~
~Earle Williams & Vola Vale~
~Plot Synopsis~
Naturalized American Raoul Melnotte (Ricardo Cortez) travels from Chicago to his native France in
search of his childhood sweetheart, Marie Dufrayne (Greta Nissen). Unfortunately, he discovers that she
has become a wealthy, snobbish social climber. Since she wants a husband with a title, she has no
interest in Melnotte, a modest businessman. She has also turned down the suits of the Marquis de
Beaumont (Raymond Hatton) and Monsieur Glavis (Wallace Beery). When the two rejected suitors find
out that Melnotte was snubbed too, they convince him to court Marie disguised as the Prince of Como
and win revenge for them all. Melnotte is more than happy to oblige and weds Marie in a castle just
before the real prince -- a middle-aged man -- shows up. When she realizes she has been fooled, Marie
is furious. Melnotte is revealed to be her childhood sweetheart, and she is willing to accept him as her

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Directed by: Chester Bennett    

Written by:  
Lucien Hubbard - scenario
H. Thompson Rich - scenario

Based on the novel The Three Keys by Frederic Van Rensselaer Dey (New
York, 1909).

Earle Williams ...  Yale Durant
Vola Vale ...  Minnie Patton
Lee Hill ...  Jack Millington
Henry A. Barrows ...  Sam Millington
John Elliott ...  George Trevor
Rhea Haines ...  Blanche Trevor
Frank Crayne ...  Harry Chapman
Paul Weigel ...  Hodge
Ethel Shannon ...  Undetermined Role
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Vitagraph Company of America

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: June 1920