~Aloma of the South Seas~
~Plot Synopsis~
Gilda Gray, best-known for inventing the shimmy, shows off her talents as a Hawaiian dancer in this
South Seas drama, based on the play by John B. Hymer and LeRoy Clemens. Percy Marmont plays his
usual role -- a man, who, after having his heart broken, degenerates into a drunken mess. Bob Holden
(Marmont) travels to a South Sea island, where he saves Aloma (Gray) from the unwanted attentions of
another white man. Aloma is more than grateful -- she falls in love with Holden and spends the better
part of the film trying to seduce him. This does not please her native lover Nuitane (Warner Baxter). Just
when Holden has succumbed to Aloma's charms and is about to marry her, Sylvia, his old sweetheart
(Julanne Johnson), comes to the island with her nasty new husband, Van Templeton (William Powell).
Aloma comes to realize that Holden is still deeply in love with Sylvia. Meanwhile, Nuitane drowns
Templeton during a storm. Aloma returns to Nuitane, and Holden is reunited with Sylvia. This picture
made a fortune for Paramount. A version of the story was filmed again in 1941, with Dorothy Lamour in
the role of Aloma.

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Directed by: Maurice Tourneur

Written by:
James Ashmore Creelman - writer

Based on the play Aloma of the South Seas by John B. Hymer & Leroy
Clemens (New York, 20 Apr 1925).
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Bud Fisher Film Corporation
Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Released by: Paramount Pictures

Produced by: Adolph Zukor
Produced by: Jesse L. Lasky
Cinematography by: Harry Fischbeck
Film Editing: E. Lloyd Sheldon   
Art Direction: Charles M. Kirk    

Length: 9 Reels
Runtime: 77 minutes
New York Premier: May 16, 1926
Released: May 29th or August 2nd, 1926

Gilda Gray ...  Aloma
Percy Marmont ...  Bob Holden
Warner Baxter ...  Nuitane
William Powell ...  Van Templeton
Harry T. Morey ...  Red Malloy
Julanne Johnston ...  Sylvia
Joseph W. Smiley ...  Andrew Taylor
Frank Montgomery ...  Hongi
Michelette Burani ...  Hina
Ernestine Gaines ...  Taula
Aurelio Ciccia ...  Sailor
Robert Livingston ...  Swimmer (uncredited)