~Alla Nazimova~

Born: May 22, 1879 in Yalta Crimea, Russia
Died: July 13, 1945 in Los Angeles, California, USA
~Silent Filmography~
My Son (1925) .... Ana Silva  
The Redeeming Sin (1925) (as Nazimova) .... Joan  
Madonna of the Streets (1924) (as Nazimova) .... Mary Carlson/Mary Ainsleigh
Salome (1923/I) (as Nazimova) .... Salome, stepdaughter of Herod  
A Doll's House (1922) .... Nora Helmer  
Camille (1921) .... Marguerite Gautier / Manon Lescaut in Daydream  
Billions (1920) (as Nazimova) .... Princess Triloff  Madame Peacock (1920) (as Nazimova) .... Jane
Goring/Gloria Cromwell  
The Heart of a Child (1920) (as Nazimova) .... Sally Snape  
Stronger Than Death (1920) .... Sigrid Fersen

The Brat (1919) .... The Brat  
The Red Lantern (1919) .... Mahlee & Blanche Sackville  
Out of the Fog (1919) .... Faith & Eve  
Eye for Eye (1918) (as Nazimova) .... Hassouna  
A Woman of France (1918)  
Toys of Fate (1918) .... Zorah/Hagah  
... aka Tales of Fate  
Revelation (1918) (as Nazimova) .... Joline
aka The Revelation
War Brides (1916) .... Joan
~The Los Angeles Times, 1945~
Russian-born Alla Nazimova was a star of stage and screen for 40 years.

Nazimova came to the United States in 1905 by way of Berlin and London. Her debut in New York was in
a small upstairs theater on the East Side, but she was quickly "discovered" by the Shubert brothers who
catapulted her to stardom.

In theaters here and abroad she soon became a sensation in roles created by Henrik Ibsen and Anton
Chekhov, and later those of such American dramatists as Eugene O'Neill and Pearl Buck.

Inevitably she was claimed by Hollywood, where her early silent motion pictures numbered such
successes as "War Brides," "Salome" and "Madonna of the Streets." In 1928 she returned to Broadway
with triumphant performances in Ibsen's "Ghosts" and "Hedda Gabler" and O'Neill's "Mourning Becomes

Later she revived her interest in films, appearing in "The Bridge of San Luis Rey," "In Our Time" and
"Since You Went Away."

— Los Angeles Times July 14, 1945