~Alice Brady~

Born: November 2, 1892 in New York City, New York, USA
Died: October 28, 1938 in New York City, New York, USA
~Los Angeles Times, 1939~
Alice Brady was one of the foremost actresses of stage and screen at the time of her death in 1939.

Millions laughed at her portrayal of nit-witted, fluttery bejeweled society women. But these same
millions, weeping at her sincere enactment of the role of the mother in the picture "In Old Chicago"
(1937), applauded when she received the Academy Award for her supporting part.

She served as president of the national humane animal society called the Tailwagger Foundation. Her
work in finding homes for lost dogs was famous.

So was her wardrobe. Brady's lavish dress became a sort of trademark. In one moving picture
contract she had to agree — and not a bit unwillingly — to spend $75,000 a year on clothes.

Her fatal illness [not named at the time] started weakening her during filming of her final movie,
"Young Mr. Lincoln," and ended a career marked by more than its share of bad luck.

In 1930, ready to star in Eugene O'Neill's nine-act "Strange Interlude," Brady suffered a nervous
breakdown. In 1938, she broke her ankle while performing in the film "Goodbye to Broadway."

— Los Angeles Times Oct. 30, 1939
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