A Law Unto Herself
Directed by: Wallace Worsley

Written by:
Jack Cunningham (scenario)
Francis Paget (story)

Louise Glaum ... Alouette DeLarme
Sam De Grasse ... Kurt Von Klassner (as Samuel DeGrasse)
Joseph J. Dowling ... LeSieur Juste DeLarme
Edward Coxen ... Bertrand Beaubien
Irene Rich ... Stephanie
Elvira Weil ... Fleurette D'Hermonville
Roy Laidlaw ... Fritz Von Klassner
Burwell Hamrick ... Bertrand Von Klassner at age 10
George Hackathorne ... Bertrand Von Klassner at age 20
Peggy Schaffer ... Bertha Von Klassner
Jess Herring ... Old Servant
~Remaining Credits~
Production Company: Paralta Plays Inc.
Distribution Company: W.W. Hodkinson

Cinematography by: L. Guy Wilky
Production Manager: Robert Brunton

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: August 19, 1918
~Plot Synopsis~
Alouette, the daughter of prosperous French vintner LeSieur Juste DeLarme, secretly marries
Bertrand Beaubien even though her father wants her to wed a wealthy German named Kurt Von
Klassner. After Kurt slays Bertrand, Alouette is forced to marry the brutal German, and only her love
of her little son Bertrand, whom Kurt imagines is his offspring, but who actually is the slain
Frenchman's, saves her from complete unhappiness. Years later, when the Germans invade France
during World War I, Kurt assists them even though they have killed his father-in-law. Bertrand's
young sweetheart is killed during the German occupation of the village, and fiercely determined to
drive them out, he enlists in the French army. With the arrival of the French forces, the town is
rescued, and Kurt, through Bertrand's testimony, is arrested as a spy.

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