~A Lady of Quality~
~Plot Synopsis~
~3635-84: Virginia Valli & Earle Foxe~
Running five reels, Famous Players' The Lady of Quality was a faithful adaptation of the same-named
theatrical drama. Repeating her stage role of Clorinda was the magnificent Cecilia Loftus, while Geraldine
O'Brien, House Peters, Hal Clarendon, Peter Lang and Dave Wall offered excellent support. The plot,
which was considered old-fashioned even in 1913, charts the progress of the heroine from cradle to
grave, devoting special attention to that "one wrong step" which threatens to destroy her reputation. The
final portion of the story gives way to melodrama, as the desperate Clorinda tries to hide the body of the
man she has murdered. Running 75 minutes or so, The Lady of Quality was cinematically unininspired,
but nonetheless lauded by chi-chi critics as a "prestige" item.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Hobart Henley

Written by:
Marian Ainslee - adaptation
Marion Fairfax - writer
Arthur Ripley - adaptation

Based on the novel  A Lady of Quality  by Frances Hodgson Burnett (New
York, 1896).

Virginia Valli ...  Clorinda Wildairs
Lionel Belmore ...  Sir Geoffrey Wildairs
Margaret Seddon ...  Lady Daphne Wildairs
Peggy Cartwright ...  Clorinda (age 6)
Milton Sills ...  Gerald Mertoun, Duke of Osmonde
Florence Gibson ...  Dame Passett
Dorothea Wolbert ...  Mistress Wimpole
Bert Roach ...  Sir Christopher Crowell
Earle Foxe ...  Sir John Ozen
Leo White ...  Sir Humphrey Ware
George B. Williams ...  Lord Porkfish
Willard Louis ...  The Tavern Keeper
Patterson Dial ...  Annie Wildairs
Yvonne Armstrong ...  Annie (age 8)
Bobby Mack ...  The Groom  
Rosina Lawrence
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Universal Pictures

Cinematography by: John Stumar

Length: 8 Reels
Released: January 14, 1924