~Aileen Pringle~

Born: July 23, 1895 in San Francisco, California, USA
Died: December 16, 1989 in New York City, New York, USA
~Silent Filmography~
~Los Angeles Times, 1989~
Aileen Pringle was an urbane socialite who became a silent-screen star and the darling of such literary
figures as H.L. Mencken and George Jean Nathan.

Pringle played leading roles in more than 60 films. Two of her best known—"His Hour" and "Three
Weeks"—were based on scripts by Elinor Glyn. Glyn had hand-picked Pringle for the latter role, that of a
sensual heroine.

Known for her sometimes off-color wisecracks as the silent camera captured her movements, she was
credited with a notable piece of Hollywood lore.

According to the book "The Movies," Pringle and Conrad Nagel were filming a scene from "Three Weeks"
in which he was carrying her horizontally. Her lips are seen to move and, according to the book, she was
not whispering words of endearment to Nagel but was saying, "If you drop me, you bastard, I'll break
your neck."

— Los Angeles Times Dec. 19, 1989
A Single Man (1929) .... Mary Hazeltine
Dream of Love (1928) .... The Duchess
Show People (1928) ... herself
The Baby Cyclone (1928) .... Lydia
Beau Broadway (1928) .... Yvonne
Wickedness Preferred (1928) .... Kitty Dare
Tea for Three (1927) .... Doris Langford
Body and Soul (1927) .... Hilda ... Movie Still Code: 299-X
Adam and Evil (1927) .... Evelyn Trevelyan
Tin Gods (1926) .... Janet Stone
The Great Deception (1926) .... Lois
The Wilderness Woman (1926) .... Juneau MacLean
Camille (1926/II) .... Estelle
... aka The Fate of a Coquette (USA: subtitle)
Soul Mates (1925) .... Velma
The Mystic (1925) .... Zara - Movie Still Code: 232-X
Wildfire (1925) .... Claire Barrington
A Kiss in the Dark (1925) .... Janet Livingstone
One Year to Live (1925) .... Elsie Duchanier
A Thief in Paradise (1925) .... Rosa Carmino
The Wife of the Centaur (1924) .... Inez Martin
His Hour (1924) .... Tamara Loraine
True As Steel (1924) .... Mrs. Eva Boutelle
Three Weeks (1924) .... The Queen
... aka The Romance of a Queen (UK)
Name the Man (1924) .... Isabelle
In the Palace of the King (1923) .... Princess Eboli
Don't Marry for Money (1923) .... Edith Martin
Souls for Sale (1923) .... Lady Jane
The Tiger's Claw (1923) .... Chameli Brentwood
The Christian (1923) .... Lady Robert Ure
My American Wife (1922) .... Hortensia deVereta
The Strangers' Banquet (1922) .... Mrs. Schuyler-Peabody
Oath-Bound (1922) .... Alice
Stolen Moments (1920) (as Aileen Savage) .... Inez Salles
Earthbound (1920)
The Sport of Kings (1920) (as Aileen Savage)
The Cost (1920) (as Aileen Savage) .... Olivia