~Agnes Ayres~

Born: April 4, 1898 in Carbondale, IL, USA
Died: December 25, 1940 in Los Angeles, CA, USA
~Silent Filmography~
~The Los Angeles Times, 1940~
Agnes Ayres rose to screen fame when she was cast as Lady Diana Mayo opposite Rudolph Valentino in
"The Sheik."

Ayres also appeared in "Son of the Sheik," which was Valentino's last picture. Other pictures in which she
appeared included "Clarence," Affairs of Anatole" and "Forbidden Fruit."

She retired from the screen in 1927 a woman of wealth, but in the stock market debacle of 1929 she lost
her fortune.

She decided that she would again try a role in motion pictures. Because she had never been in "talkies,"
she went to New York and entered stage work to gain experience.

In 1936 she returned to Hollywood — after a series of uncredited bit roles she set herself up in a small
real estate business and began her second career.

— Los Angeles Times Dec. 26, 1940
~December 28, 1937~


HOLLYWOOD, Calif.---- Have you ever
wondered what has happened to those
men and women whose exploits on the
Silver Screen once thrilled us? Some of
them found it impossible to master the
new techniques demanded by talkies.
Others, for a variety of reasons, saw
their popularity and demand for their
services vanish. But few of them were
content to become resigned to their
fate. They set out to build new careers,
so that the stars who have made
successful businesses of
their hobbies and sidelines once their acting days were over are legion, and Hollywood, ever ready to
help build a new success, has taken them into its heart and helped them along. In this set of pictures are
presented some of those who by their intelligence and shrewdness are some of the most notable of
former stars who have made a successful of a new undertaking.

PHOTO SHOWS: Agnes Ayres, the blond actress who won fame as the leading lady for Rudolph Valentino
in "The Sheik," is on of those who has joined the ranks of former stars now making a success in a new
field. She lost a reported $500,000.00 film fortune in stock market deals, and is now operating a small
real estate firm with a partner in Beverly Hills. And like others who have been in the films is seeking a
foothold in the movies.
~December 26, 1940~


Blonde Agnes Ayres (right), who
played opposite Rudolph Valentino in
"The Sheik," died in a hospital here
Christmas Day. This is how she
appeared at a film party here with
Director David Wark Griffith in 1936,
just before her unsuccessful attempt at
a comeback in sound films.
Unknown Agnes Ayres & Wallace Reid Film
Movie Still Code: 462-X
The Donovan Affair (1929) ... Lydia Rankin
Broken Hearted (1929)
Into the Night (1928) .... Billie Mardon
The Lady of Victories (1928)
Eve's Love Letters (1927) .... The wife
The Son of the Sheik (1926) .... Diana - Wife of the Sheik
Morals for Men (1925) .... Bessie Hayes
The Awful Truth (1925) .... Lucy Satterlee
Her Market Value (1925) .... Nancy Dumont
Tomorrow's Love (1925) .... Judith Stanley
Worldly Goods (1924) .... Eleanor Lawson
The Story Without a Name (1924) .... Mary Walsworth
... aka Without Warning (USA)
Detained (1924)
The Guilty One (1924) .... Irene Short
Bluff (1924) .... Betty Hallowell ... Movie Still Code: 640-X
When a Girl Loves (1924) .... Sasha Boroff
Don't Call It Love (1923) .... Alice Meldrum
The Ten Commandments (1923) .... The Outcast
The Marriage Maker (1923) .... Alexandra Vancy
Racing Hearts (1923) .... Virginia Kent
Hollywood (1923) ... Herself
The Heart Raider (1923) .... Muriel Gray (a speed girl)
A Daughter of Luxury (1922) .... Mary Fenton
Clarence (1922) .... Violet Pinney
Borderland (1922) .... Spirit/Dora Becket/Edith Wayne ... Movie Still Code: 467-X
The Ordeal (1922) .... Sybil Bruce
Bought and Paid For (1922) .... Virginia Blaine
The Lane That Had No Turning (1922) .... Madelinette
The Sheik (1921) .... Lady Diana Mayo
The Affairs of Anatol (1921) .... Annie Elliott
... aka A Prodigal Knight (UK)
Cappy Ricks (1921) .... Florrie Ricks
Too Much Speed (1921) .... Virginia MacMurran
The Love Special (1921) .... Laura Gage
Forbidden Fruit (1921) .... Mary Maddock
The Furnace (1920) .... Folly Vallance
... aka Breach of Promise, or The Furnace
Held by the Enemy (1920) .... Rachel Hayne
Go and Get It (1920) .... Helen Allen
The Inner Voice (1920) .... Barbara
A Modern Salome (1920) .... Helen Torrence

The Ghost of a Chance (1919)
Sacred Silence (1919) .... Madge Summers
The Gamblers (1919) .... Isabel merson
In Honor's Web (1919) .... Irene Carson
The Buried Treasure (1919)
The Guardian of the Accolade (1919)
A Stitch in Time (1919) .... Lela Trevor
Shocks of Doom (1919)
The Girl Problem (1919) .... Helen Reeves
Transients in Arcadia (1918)
A Bird of Bagdad (1918)
Springtime à la Carte (1918)
Mammon and the Archer (1918)
One Thousand Dollars (1918) .... Margarett Hayden
The Girl and the Graft (1918)
Sisters of the Golden Circle (1918) .... Mrs. James Williams
The Enchanted Profile (1918) .... Ida Bates
The Purple Dress (1918) .... Maida
A Ramble in Aphasia (1918)
Tobin's Palm (1918)
Surprising Husband (1918)
The Rubaiyat of a Scotch Highball (1918)
Their Godson (1918)
Sweets to the Sour (1918)
Coals for the Fire (1918)
Their Anniversary Feast (1918)
A Four Cornered Triangle (1918)
Seeking an Oversoul (1918)
A Little Ouija Work (1918)
His Wife's Hero (1917)
His Wife Got All the Credit (1917)
He Had to Camouflage (1917)
Paging Page Two (1917)
A Family Flivver (1917)
The Renaissance at Charleroi (1917) (as Agnes Eyre) .... Adele Fauquier
... aka The Renaissance (USA)
The Bottom of the Well (1917) .... Alice Buckingham
The Furnished Room (1917) (as Agnes Eyre)
The Defeat of the City (1917) (as Agnes Eyre) .... Alicia Van Der Pool
The Venturers (1917) (as Agnes Eyre)
Richard the Brazen (1917) (as Agnes Eyre) .... Imogene
The Dazzling Miss Davison (1917) (as Agnes Eyre) .... Lillian, Miss Davison's Sister
... aka Who Is She? (USA)
The Mirror (1917) (as Agnes Eyre) .... Undetermined Role
Hedda Gabler (1917) (as Agnes Eyre)
The Debt (1917) (as Agnes Eyre) .... The Girl
Mrs. Balfame (1917) (as Agnes Eyre) .... Alys Crumley
Motherhood (1917/I) (as Agnes Eyre) .... The Mother
His New Job (1915) (uncredited) .... Extra, Secretary
... aka Charlie's New Job
The Masked Wrestler (1914) (uncredited)