~A Gentleman of Leisure~
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~Plot Synopsis~
Robert Edgar Willoughby Pitt, arriving on ship too late to get a first class stateroom from London to
New York, travels with immigrants on the lower deck. Noticing Molly Creedon on the upper deck,
Robert must flirt long distance as regulations forbid their meeting. Later, in his New York club, Robert
wagers he can rob a house without being arrested. That night, after Robert subdues professional
burglar Spike Mullins who is attempting to rob him, Robert proposes that they join forces. Spike
suggests the home of Molly's father, Deputy Police Commissioner "Big Phil" Creedon. After Molly
apprehends them, Creedon, known to accept graft, meets Robert the next day and receives hush money
but warns Robert to keep away from Molly. When Spike, now Robert's valet, steals a pearl necklace at a
house party, Robert threatens Creedon with exposure and secures their release. Molly discreetly
returns the pearls and marries Robert. Creedon, accepting this, vows not to take bribes anymore.

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Directed by: George Melford

Based on the play A Gentleman of Leisure by John Stapleton and P. G.
Wodehouse (New York, 24 Aug 1911).

Wallace Eddinger ...Robert Edgar Willoughby Pitt
Sydney Deane ...Sir Thomas Blunt
Gertrude Kellar ...Lady Julia Blunt
Tom Forman ...Sir Spencer Dreever
Carol Holloway ...Molly Creedon
Fred Montague ...'Big Phil' Creedon
William Elmer ...Spike Mullins
Frederick Vroom ...Macklin, Pitt's friend
Francis Tyler ...Willett, Pitt's friend
Monroe Salisbury ...Stutten, Pitt's friend
Mr. Machin ...Fuller, Pitt's friend
Florence Dagmar ...Kate
Lawrence Peyton ...Ole Larsen
Robert Dunbar ...Jeweler
Lucien Littlefield ...Clerk
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures

Cinematography by: Walter Stradling
Presenter: Jesse L. Lasky

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: March 1, 1915
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