~A Front Page Story~

Edward Everett Horton ...  Rodney Marvin
Lloyd Ingraham ...  Mayor Gorham
James Corrigan ...  Matt Hayward
Edith Roberts ...  Virginia Hayward
W.E. Lawrence ...  Don Coates
Buddy Messinger ...  Tommy
Mathilde Brundage ...  Mrs. Gorham
Lila Leslie ...  Suzanne Gorham
Tom McGuire ...  Jack Peeler
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Vitagraph Company of America

Cinematography by: Vernon L. Walker

Length: 6 Reels
Released: December 1922
Directed by: Jess Robbins

Written by:
F.W. Beebee - writer
Arthur F. Goodrich - story
Before becoming everyone's favorite supporting comedian, Edward Everett Horton was top-billed in
several silent features. In Front Page Story, Horton plays cub reporter Rodney Marvin (he gets away with
it, too, despite the fact that he was 36 at the time). By getting the goods on a corrupt political machine,
Marvin not only saves his job, but his newspaper as well. E. E. Horton was always a welcome presence in
silent films, but his true forte was deftly delivered dialogue, an aspect of his talent that meant little in the
days before talking pictures. Front Page Story was photographed by Vernon Walker, who later ran the
special effects department at RKO Radio.

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~Plot Synopsis~