~Adolphe Menjou~

Born: February 18, 1890 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: October 29, 1963 in Beverly Hills, California, USA
~Silent Filmography~
~September 22, 1926~


New York...Photo shows Adolphe
Menjou, left, dressed
meticulously correct as he
arrived from Hollywood with
friend to witness
Tunney-Dempsey Bout.
~Family Moments~
~Dated: January 3, 1926: Adolphe with his wife (Katherine
Tinsley) and his mother.~
~Los Angeles Times, 1963~
his signature fine suits and black, smooth mustache.

Menjou first gained his suave reputation after starring in Charlie Chaplin's "A Woman of Paris,"
establishing a sophisticated persona that would be seen in more than 100 films.

Yet, when Menjou cast aside his dapper persona for a shabby gangster, he struck gold as the threadbare
Sorrowful Jones, a rough-edged bookie whose callous heart was melted by Shirley Temple's character,
Marky, in Damon Runyon's "Little Miss Marker" (1934). The touching father-daughter chemistry that
grew between Jones and Marky was considered perfection in casting, shooting young Temple's fame into
the stars.

By that time, Menjou had established himself as a leading man and character actor who seamlessly
transitioned through the silent film era to talking films, receiving a best actor Oscar nomination for his
portrayal of Walter Burns, a tough, fast-talking newspaper editor in "The Front Page" (1931). Menjou's
characterization of the crusading editor, determined to bring down the government while keeping his
star reporter on board, bridged both his dramatic and comedic skills, earning him critical acclaim.

Menjou's interest in politics was also seen in his personal life, particularly following World War II, when
he became concerned with the rise of communism. He began to participate actively in Republican
politics, becoming a co-founder of the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals.

While his contributions to the political arena garnered attention, it was the top hat that he bought for 50
cents that won him a role on the stage, he often said. When talking about what makes an actor
successful, he gave due props to his props: "I always tell young actors that one good suit is worth three
superior ones. Good clothes are important — especially during slumps." It was fitting that he named his
1948 biography "It Took Nine Tailors."

— Henry Sutherland in the Los Angeles Times Oct. 30, 1963
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The Faith Healer (1921) .... Dr. Littlefield
What Happened to Rosa (1920) (uncredited) .... Reporter Friend of Dr. Drew

The Moth (1917) .... The Husband
The Amazons (1917) (uncredited)
An Even Break (1917) (uncredited) .... Bit Part
Wild and Woolly (1917) (uncredited) (unconfirmed)
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