~A Dog's Life~
~Plot Synopsis~
~Dreamland Theater~

The showing of "A Dog's Life," first of Charlie Chaplin's $1,000,000 comedies in all houses operating
under the First National franchises during the week of April 14th, resulted in business of unprecedented
proportions, according to reports received at Circuit Headquarters in New York. All established
attendance records have been broken in many of the largest theatres of America, it is stated.

At the Strand in New York, 16,141 people managed to pack themselves inside the doors on the opening
day of the run and paid $5,610 into the box office to see Charlie. The Strand Management announced that
all attendance records in the history of Manhattan's largest motion picture house had been smashed. It
was declared that the week's business would top $27,000.
Clean-up business on "A Dog's Life," is also being reported from other sections of the country where it
has been played to date. Thomas Saxe, proprietor of the Alhambra theatre, Milwaukee, who cancelled
Chaplin's previous series of comedies because they were not at the time money makers for him, states
that "A Dog's Life," doubled the business of the Alhambra during its run.
According to Aaron Jones, it has proven veritable sensation in Chicago. Officials of the United Booking
Offices in New York lost no time in securing "A Dog's Life," for the Keith circuit. The vaudeville moguls
have taken the Chaplin comedy for an extended run, which will begin at the Palace theatre, New York,
the week of April 22.

The picture will be shown tomorrow night at the Dreamland theatre.

From the Brownsville Herald, May 1, 1918
Written & Directed by: Charles Chaplin

Dave Anderson ...  Unemployed Man (uncredited)
Bert Appling ...  Unemployed Man (uncredited)
Albert Austin ...  Thief (uncredited)
Henry Bergman ...  Fat Unemployed Man / Dance-hall Lady (uncredited)
A.D. Blake ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Mel Brown ...  Unemployed Man (uncredited)
Charles Chaplin ...  Tramp (uncredited)
Minnie Chaplin ...  Dance-hall Dramatic Lady (uncredited)
Syd Chaplin ...  Lunchwagon Owner (uncredited)
Dorothy Cleveland ...  Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Slim Cole ...  Unemployed Man (uncredited)
Margaret Cullington ...  Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Margaret Dracup ...  Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Jack Duffy ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Billy Dul ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Richard Dunbar ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Ella Eckhardt ...  Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Minnie Eckhardt ...  Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Ted Edwards ...  Unemployed Man (uncredited)
Jerry Ferragoma ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Louis Fitzroy ...  Unemployed Man (uncredited)
Charles Force ...  Unemployed Man (uncredited)
J.L. Fraube ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Jim Habif ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Oliver Hall ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Fay Holderness ...  Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Bud Jamison ...  Thief (uncredited)
Jean Johnson ...  Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
J. Parks Jones ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
James T. Kelley ...  Man at Hot Dog Stand (uncredited)
John Lord ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
M.J. McCarthy ...  Unemployed Man (uncredited)
James McCormick ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
L.S. McVey ...  Musician (uncredited)
Edward Miller ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
J. Miller ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Lillian Morgan ...  Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Mut ...  Scraps, a Thoroughbred Mongrel (uncredited)
Jim O'Niall ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Brand O'Ree ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Florence Parellee ...  Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
J.F. Parker ...  Musician (uncredited)
Edna Purviance ...  Bar Singer (uncredited)
Bruce Randall ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Granville Redmond ...  Dance-hall Proprietor (uncredited)
Alf Reeves ...  Man at Bar (uncredited)
Charles Reisner ...  Employment Agency Clerk (uncredited)
Mrs. Rigoletti ...  Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Thomas Riley ...  Unemployed Man (uncredited)
Sarah Rosenberg ...  Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
H.C. Simmons ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Lottie Smithson ...  Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Fred Starr ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Janet Miller Sully ...  Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
N. Tahbel ...  Hot Tamale Man (uncredited)
Loyal Underwood ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Bob Wagner ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Rob Wagner ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
William White ...  Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Grace Wilson ...  Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Tom Wilson ...  Policeman (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: First National Pictures

Released by: First National Exhibitors' Circuit

Produced by: Charles Chaplin
Cinematography by: Roland Totheroh
Film Editing by:
Charles Chaplin
Production Design by: Charles D. Hall
Assistant Director: Charles Reisner
Second Camera Operator: Jack Wilson
Seamstress: Mother Vinot
Mr. Chaplin's Driver: Toraichi Kono
Mr. Chaplin's secretary: Nellie Bly Baker
Unit Publicist: Elsie Codd
    Dog Trainer: Charles Gee
    Assistant to Mr. Chaplin: Tom Harrington

Runtime: 33 Minutes
Released: April 14, 1918
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