~A Daughter of Two Different Worlds~
Directed by: James Young

Based on the novel A Daughter of Two Worlds by Leroy Scott (Boston and
New York, 1919).

Norma Talmadge ... Jennie Malone
Jack Crosby ... Kenneth Harrison
Virginia Lee ... Sue Harrison
William Shea ... Slim Jackson
Frank Sheridan ... Black Jerry Malone
Joseph W. Smiley ... Sam Conway
Gilbert Rooney ... Harry Edwards
Charles Slattery ... Sergeant Casey
E.J. Ratcliffe ... John Harrison
Winifred Harris ... Mrs. Harrison
Millicent Martin ... Gloria Raymon
Ned Burton ... Uncle George
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Norma Talmadge Film Corporation

Distribution Company: First National Exhibitors' Circuit

Produced by: Joseph M. Schenck
Cinematography by: David Abel
Technical Director: Willard M. Reineck

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 72 Mintues
Released: January 5, 1920
~Plot Synopsis~
When Jennie Malone is accused of forgery, her father Black Jerry, the proprietor of an underworld
dive, realizes that his daughter deserves a better living environment. With the aid of her Uncle
George, he arranges for Jennie to attend boarding school under an assumed name. Once there,
Jennie falls in love with Kenneth Harrison, her roommate's brother. Kenneth's father has an
unscrupulous business partner named Sam Conway, who kills a man and frames Harry Edwards, an
old friend of Jennie's, for the murder. To save Edwards from the electric chair, Jennie is faced with
the quandry of testifying in his behalf and thus revealing her past, or remaining silent and sealing his
death. Jennie chooses the former, but Kenneth forgives her and all ends happily.

Plot Synopsis from AFI.com

In Norma Talmadge's initial film for First National, she plays Jennie Malone, a girl from the
underworld. One of her pals, Slim Jackson (William Shea) gets her to forge a check, and she finds the
law after her. To get her out of this fix -- and into a straight and narrow life -- her father, Black Jerry
Malone (Frank Sheridan) sends her away to boarding school. After four years, she returns and fits
right into the society whirl. But her new life is threatened when the law -- and the old forgery charge
-- catches up with her once again. She is arrested, and if she admits to her old identity, she risks
losing her position and her fiancée. But she is also the alibi in a murder case, and an old friend will be
convicted if she lies. She decides to tell the truth about herself to save her friend, and her fiancée
decides to accept her in spite of her background.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com