~A Daughter of France~
~Plot Synopsis~
During World War I, patriotic French girl Louise de Ciron (Virginia Pearson) refuses to leave her
chateau, despite the German invasion of France. Led by Colonel Rudolph von Knorr (Hugh Thompson),
the German general staff establishes headquarters at the chateau, where Rudolph tries repeatedly to
force his attentions on Louise. Fritz von Meyring (Herbert Evans) lures Louise to an inn and tries to
attack her, but Rudolph kills him. Conscience-stricken, Rudolph goes to Louise to beg her for her
forgiveness for his brutish behavior, but she misunderstands his intentions and stabs him. After his
recovery, Louise convinces Rudolph to desert the German army, and the two flee across the French
lines, where Rudolph finally is revealed as a French agent.  

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Directed: Edmund Lawrence

Written by:
Benjamin S. Kutler
Beta Breuil
Adrian Johnson

Virginia Pearson ...Louise de Ciron
Hugh Thompson ...Colonel Rudolph von Knorr
Herbert Evans ...Fritz von Meyring
George Moss ...Father Joseph
Ethel Kauffman ...Marie
Tony Merlo ...Paul de Ciron
Maude Hill ...Mathilde
Nadia Gary ...Alceste
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Fox Film Corporation

Cinematography by: Frank Kugler & William Zollinger

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: March 24, 1918