~What Love Will Do~
Directed by: William K. Howard

Written by: John Stone

Based on a story by Gordon Rigby

Edna Murphy ... Mary Douglas
Johnnie Walker ... Johnny Rowan
Glen Cavender ... Abner Rowan
Barbara Tennant ... Goldie Rowan
Richard Tucker ... Herbert Dawson
Edwin B. Tilton ... Reverend Douglas
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Fox Film Corporation

Cinematography by: Victor Milner
Presenter: William Fox

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: September 11, 1921
~Plot Synopsis~
The team of Johnnie Walker and Edna Murphy starred in this old-fashioned silent melodrama about
an evangelist who proves to be both a swindler and an adulterer. When a traveling crusader, Herbert
Dawson (Richard Tucker), comes to town, he hires young Johnny Rowan (Walker) to be his treasurer.
Unbeknownst to Johnny, the evangelist is not only a swindler, but the scoundrel who years earlier ran
off with his mother (Barbara Tennant) only to desert her. When Johnny finally learns the truth from
his fiancé, the local minister's daughter (Murphy), Dawson plans to have him murdered. The scheme
backfires when Johnny's mother suddenly reappears and Dawson is himself killed while trying to skip
town with the loot.

Plot Synopsis from Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com