~Universal Ike's Wooing~

Augustus Carney ... Ike
Louise Glaum ... Mary
Jane Day ... Mary's Sister
Harry Moody ... Mary's Admirer
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Universal Film Manufacturing Company

Length: 1 Reel
Runtime: 10 Minutes
Released: March 10, 1914
~Plot Synopsis~
"They died for love. Locked in each other's arms, they capsized the boat and sank beneath the surface
of the dismal waters without a murmur." Thus the romantic Mary reads and her youthful imagination
is first with the noble sentiment. Mary loves Universal Ike, but the solemn thought occurs to her,
"Would he die for me; would he sacrifice himself at the altar of our divine love?" She decides to put
him to the test. She will invite him to take her boating and encourage him to propose, then she will
write her answer upon a card and throw it into the lake. Will he jump into the treacherous water after
it? Mary confides her plan to her sister and the sister, fearing for Ike's life, tells him how his love is to
be tested. Ike is a brave man and he determines to prove himself worthy of his sweetheart's
confidence. But that there may be no hitch in the matter, he first secures a life preserver and places it
under his vest. The lovers go boating and Mary tests Alkali's love. However, when the devoted Ike
jumps from the boat, it is overbalanced and Mary likewise falls into the water. In the meantime
Mary's sister has divulged the whole affair to her parents and all rush to the lake to save Ike. They
rescue the lovers from the water Mary discovers the life-preserver around Ike and her fair dream of
happiness is shattered. At the discovery of the imposition, Mary's father picks Ike up and throws him
into the water. Ike sinks from view and those gathered sadly contemplate the ever-increasing circles
upon the water.

—Moving Picture World synopsis