~Universal Ike Junior in the Shack Next Door~

Bobby Ray ... Ike Jr.
Louise Glaum ... Louise
Ray Gallagher ... Ray Vernon
Harry Moody ... Louise's Father
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Universal Film Manufacturing Company

Length: 1 Reel
Runtime: 10 Minutes
Released: September 29, 1915
~Plot Synopsis~
Ray Vernon, a hard-working young man who so far has been unable to catch the elusive dollar, is in
love with Louise, the daughter of a wealthy broker. Ray is sternly told that when he possesses $5,000
as a start in life, his suit may be considered. Disheartened, Ray starts for town. On the corner
adjoining the magnificent mansion of the broker is a vacant lot on which a sign stating that there are
no restrictions as to buildings advertises the lot for sale. An idea strikes Ray. Making for the real
estate office, he buys an option for thirty days on the lot. He then visits the Italian section and makes
a proposition to Pedro, an Italian, to build him a small shack which he can have, providing he and his
family will move into it. A few days later the wealthy broker's wife is astonished to see a rough
wooden shack erected on the vacant lot, and Pedro and his numerous posterity its inhabitants. When
the broker arrives home that evening his wife tells him of their disgraceful neighbors. The next day he
goes to the real estate office determined to buy the lot. He is surprised when he is informed that the
price of the lot will be $11,000. Declaring that it is too much, he leaves the office. That evening Louise
is informed by Ray of his plan and, although at first indignant, finally sees the humor of it and
encourages him. That evening mother gives a brilliant tea party and one of the society ladies brings
her pet dog with her. Pedro has a monkey. The monkey takes a violent fancy to the dog and mounts
his back for a ride. The startled canine dashes madly through the tea party and causes consternation.
That night the hysterical wife demands that the lot be purchased. A few days later Ray calls and
shows the father the check for $5,000. The broker realizes he is beaten and gives his consent to the

—Moving Picture World synopsis